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    If I buy meat at a big grocery store, is it safer to buy goat or lamb or sheep. Are these meats more likely to be pastured ? or would they be raised the same way as factory farmed pigs and chickens. Anyone have a good answer ?

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    What country are you in? I've never seen goat or sheep, and I hardly even see lamb.


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      Alberta, Canada, the Superstore out here sells bags of stewing goat, and also bags of lamb (for about $20 a bag). They also sell Goose, but at $50 for one I think I will get my Goose somewhere else.


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        Superstore is called Loblaws in other parts of the Country.


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          I've read that virtually all lamb sold in the US is pastured. We got one this fall at the farmer's market that was supposedly pastured, but I've never seen so much fat on a lamb in my life, so I don't know. I do know that there are different breeds and those bred to eat poor forage will get stupid fat if put on good grass. Hopefully I got one of those.



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            Lamb and goat in Alberta is going to be pasture raised, and grass fed. Hay-fed during winter. So is the bulk of the beef. It might not be labelled as that, because most farmers can't be bothered to go through the extra bother.
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