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Vasomotor Rhinitis

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  • Vasomotor Rhinitis

    I have been suffering with this for sometime. When I experience an attack, I sneeze, have a nose that runs constantly and congestion. I feel generally miserable. Does anyone have any experience with this condition and any info on what might help treat the condition. It is also referred to as non-allergic rhinitis as it is not related the an allergic reaction. I have been tested for allergies and I am not significantly allergic to anything. Thanks

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    As far as I know this has got something to do with the blood vessels in the nose. You can strenghten the blood vessels by inhaling (and spitting out) cold water. I don't have a diagnosis for my constantly runny nose, but I have had good results with the cold water treatment. The worst bit is to start with it! If it burns to much, you can use salt water, the most important thing is that it is as cold as possible... Good luck!


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      Ill give it a try. It would be a cheap fix. Thanks


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        I had chronic sinusitus, ear pressure, and a lot of congestion overall for months at a time, I thought it was just long lasting seasonal allergies. I stopped eating all gluten and dairy and the problems never came back since the source of inflammation was gone. I also use a neti pot daily to irrigate my sinus cavity.
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          Thanks. I eat no grains so maybe I'll cut out the dairy. I might as well do the Whole 30!


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            I second the neti pot...feels great when you wash out all the crud in there