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Proper food combining/Natural Hygiene

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  • Proper food combining/Natural Hygiene

    Does this practice hold any merit in the Primal Diet? Does Mark make
    any reference to it? I have a long background in the is practice,
    (20 years now) and do believe it works by affording your body
    the energy to keep digestion to a minimal. After all, did Grok
    encounter a buffet of things to eat on his endeavors? Did he
    slam down some fruit after eating the heart out of his recent
    kill? I kinda doubt it mtself. Just curious what you all think,
    and if Mark made any reference to food combining. -keith

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    You're going to have to give us (or at least me) a bit more info on what "food combining" is.
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      IIRC the premise is that it is too demanding for the body to produce all the different enzymes needed to digest protein and carbs at the same meal. I used to think it was utter b*ll*cks - beans and pulses are mixtures of carbs and protein, right? So how can they be unhealthy??? Plus I think switching cellular pathways around is probably the *least* demanding thing our bodies can do.

      Then I got into PB and it seems that the natural foods tend to be very much protein/fat OR carbs. Well, I know liver is relatively high carb. Maybe in conventional diets the sheer quantity of carb (and junk??) causes issues that food combining happens to help with, almost accidentally. So I still think it's probably b*ll*cks


      As for Grok, I think it would be location and season dependent


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        In a nutshell NMG nailed it. Yes, single whole foods have their own protein, carb, and fat structure,
        and when mono dieting much like Grok did, was perfectly natural. Natural Hygiene or proper food
        combining went on to emphasize not mixing two different foods of different protein carb categories.
        Like fruit was emphasized to be eaten on a empty stomach and never mixed with proteins. Especially
        melons. There's several charts floating around the net, if you google it, with much detail of this practice.
        But since the paleo diet eliminates a big part of the chart i.g. carbohydrates, then that's one less thing we
        have to worry about. I know my digestion work great on this diet, but I keep fruits well away from other


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          if it works for you, i'd say go for it! i've seen stuff out there that our bodies crave more food when we get the sweet-salty-fatty combination than if you focus on just eating one thing at a time. but so long as you follow the pb food guidelines as to what you eat, it shouldn't matter when you eat them.
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            personally i don't follow that. IF i eat a piece of fruit on an empty stomach, my blood sugar shoots up and then crashes. it's my understanding that our bodies don't produce enzymes on an as-needed basis, but rather in response to dietary trends. for example, i used to eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning, but i don't anymore. if i ate even a few bites of oatmeal now, i would get heartburn. another example, i can "cure" my lactose intolerance by eating gradually larger amounts of lactose-containing foods, thus signaling my body to produce higher and higher quantities of lactase. this makes more sense from an evolutionary perspective as well: grok ate food as it was available, he didn't have the luxury of a grocery store. i do see grok slamming down some fruit right before eating that warm heart: he most likely hunted hungry, so i doubt he would have avoided eating berries and whatnot as he and his companions tracked their prey.
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              From what I've read/done with "proper food combining", most all of the principals can be used while being primal

              Proper food combining, as I know it, relies on the notion that certain foods (proteins) take longer to digest than others and should only be eaten with certain types of foods.

              Basically, food combining maintains that you can eat a Protein and a Water Based Vegetable OR a Water Based Vegetable and a Starch (which includes not only bread and oatmeal, but veggies like winter squashes), but you should NEVER eat a Starch and a Protein together because that is what causes digestion troubles, bloating, gas, IBS, ect. Because we don't eat grains on Primal/Paleo, obviously we avoid most of the heinous Protein and Starch combinations (Pizza, Hamburgers w/ Bun, Pasta w/ Meat Sauce, ect). But have I eaten a Winter Squash with a Protein before? Absolutely. And I don't think I suffered any digestive issues because of it.

              Another cornerstone to proper food combining, however, is the fact that fruit should be eaten alone and on an empty stomach. The only thing you are supposed to combine fruit with is other fruits and fruit juices. This is probably something most Primal people (and Grok for that matter) probably didn't worry about. Also, you are supposed to wait 3-4 hours after eating a protein meal to eat fruit (you are NEVER supposed to eat fruit for dessert). And you're supposed to wait a few hours after eating fruit to eat protein. Ooof. Though there have been times I've thrown fruit in some Greek Yogurt, for the most part I do try and eat my fruit alone or with a tiny bit of cream.

              There are rules concerning dairy, the order in which to eat foods (I think you eat protein first, then your veggies), and other principles. I followed this plan for a few months in order to try and cure my IBS issues, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. If anyone is actually interested in food combining, I suggest you visit Great Taste No Pain by Sherry Brescia. It didn't help my digestive issues, but it seems to have helped others. Though be warned....from what I remember I think Sherry is a vegetarian. Boo. Not the vegetarianism in itself, but the fact that she believes that humans are biologically formatted to be herbivores. No bacon?! *Shudder*

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                My head is spinning.

                I sometimes have fruit after a regular meal, and nothing bad seems to happen and I feel a-okay, so I think I won't tinker with that.
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