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Holiday weight gain?

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  • Holiday weight gain?

    I have been on PB since mid September and did lose about 8 lbs over that time period. I have been a long term runner and athlete, but my weight was sneaking up on a vegan diet due to a recommendation of a diet to help my wife after a stroke.

    My cholesterol actually went up in 18 months on a meatless diet and my wife's numbers never improved either. So, I had lost weight before on the Zone diet and came across information on the PB on Barefoot Ted's website (I am a barefoot runner).

    The change to PB was easy for me, with no problem areas, except one night around Christmas I has a peanut butter craving, and ate like a half cup, and also had peanut butter and chocolate "buckeyes" but only 4-5 on a separate night.

    It seems I have gained 3lbs almost overnight with no other changes in my diet. I have not run for three days either but I am trying to get away from exercise as a means to lose weight. I am close to my ideal weight (within 5lbs probably), and my body fat is low enough for good health. I am just curious what would cause such a quick weight gain that has stayed on for 2-3 days.

    Any ideas?

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    It just sounds like water retention. You should be back to normal after a few days. When I was on holiday in the U.S recently I put on eight pounds in a week. It all came off after a few days when I came home.


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      I had a similar issue - I KNEW I shouldn't have stepped on the scale this morning, lol. In 3 days I gained 4 pounds. I'm hoping that it is mostly water weight. I expected a couple of pounds, but dang!

      My plan is (as of yesterday) eat as cleanly as possible and drink lots of water! I think I dehydrated myself with overindulgence in alcohol, yikes.


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        yeah, calories from alcohol probably didn't help either...


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          If you're going to weigh yourself at all, don't do it more than once a week. Heck, once a month is probably better, always on the same day and same time of day. Your short-term weight fluctuations usually don't reflect what you've been doing in your diet and exercise.
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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            Yeah, I wouldn't really change anything about the indulgences I decided to partake in, so I'm just dealing with it now, ;-)

            The number on the scale is helping combat the "sugar tantrums" my body is having today, along with the sugar hangover I had yesterday! I'm officially buckled back down.

            How do you feel about it?


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              I am probably my wife As Mark wisely writes...I probably need to lightened...well, er loosen up...relax as it were!