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Protein Daily Needs - converting grams to ounces

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  • Protein Daily Needs - converting grams to ounces

    I'm new to PB and MDA and am trying to figure out my daily protein needs. I think my math is off somewhere so I'd appreciate some assistance:

    My lean body weight - 154
    .7 grams protein per lb of lean body weight - 107.8 grams

    I wanted to see how many ounces of meat that would be per day, since from my WW days I've learned to eyeball a steak and know about how many ounces. The conversion rate is to multiply grams by 0.0352739619 to get ounces, but that only calculates to 4 ounces which seems very low to me.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm thinking I'm missing something completely obvious!

    Thanks so much for any help!


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    I use FitDay(.com) to calculate things, it makes it so much easier to track everything and it has a free version. The thing I used to get confused with too, was that meat is not pure protein. We talk about it like it is, but it isn't. To get 50g of protein from say, beef, you need to eat about half a pound, or 8oz. I grew up in the time period when Canada converted from imperial to metric, which makes things a bit easier switching between the systems.

    So, to get ~100 grams of protein, if all you ate was meat, you'd need to eat roughly 1lb of meat.
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      Thanks so much, Elaine -

      I was using but they use ounces for protein - so I was trying to do the conversions. FitDay is much easier.

      1 lb of meat sounds more like it for me.

      Take care and Happy New Year!



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        Yup, about a pound.