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Primal Puppies and Bowel Cysts

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  • Primal Puppies and Bowel Cysts

    Hey, this is sort of a weird question, but maybe you guys know a little more about this.
    My Dad inherited an annoying little pomeranian when my brother's mother died last year. This dog is having bowel issues, and his groomer says the dog has a cyst which is causing a blockage. She thinks the cyst is caused by inflammation.

    Here's the sticky part. My dad doesn't seem to care about this dog and thus it isn't likely that the dog will see a vet. It's also unlikely that my brother (who is 17) is going to feed the dog anything but his regular dog food unless he's convinced that it will make a difference.

    My aunt has the dog for 1 1/2 weeks right now, as my dad and brother are out of town. She's willing to try some things to help the dog, but we need suggestions. I suggested that she get the dog off of grains and polyunsaturated oils by making the dog food from scratch (ground turkey, peas, and sweet potato mashed together). Does anyone have other suggestions or a different recipe to try? This is awfully low-fat, but the dog is 8ish years old and used to low-quality kibble. Any other ideas to heal the inflammation?
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    I've got no idea about the cysts sorry, but if you want to feed the dog a healthful diet, you can't really find a better way than a raw meaty bone diet.

    For a dog that size, the bulk of the weekly diet could be chicken necks or parts of a chicken frame, pork bones (still with some meat, most butcheers , at least here in NZ, sell these for soup etc.) with a some internal organ meat. I find that if I shop around this works out as cheap if not cheaper that buying the process crap food from the supermarkets or pet stores, but if you throw in the drop of need for vet bills because the dog doesn't need to go to the vets for teeth or other medical issues anymore, it actually saves money (and is of course better for the dog)!

    Good luck.
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      thanks misabi. unfortunately, my dad is very very cw about dogs and food. dogs should never get "people food", only "dog food" so i'm thinking that raw is going to be quite a stretch for him, especially if it includes bones.
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        Suggest she get a grain-free food like Orijen, Taste of the Wild or EVO. Going grain-free will decrease the inflammation. Also, some coconut oil will probably help. They should take about a week to ease the dog into the new food, mixing it in slowly, until that is all the dog is eating. Our dog is on Orijen and thriving--no fleas at all, no vet visits and easy to pick up poo.
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          Also I have one other though. If it's the GROOMER who thinks the dog may have a cyst it's entirely possible that what they mean is the dog has an inflamed anal gland. These glands are on either side of the anus and when working properly a little bit of sticky fluid gets squeezed out when the dog poops, marking the poop as belonging to that dog. It's a scent comunication thing. Anyway they can get inflamed and swollen. Sometimes groomers are taught how to express these (although vets use a slightly more invasive technique that works much better). But if the dog already has really swollen up anal glands then the dog needs to see a vet. They can express them fully and then fill them with some antibiotic to fix things up.

          I second the higher quality food suggestions such as a grain free food. Also you could try some pumpkin for fiber bulk which MAY help clean things out.

          Good luck!


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            when my teenage brother fetched the dog from the groomer, he was told that the dog was going to become blocked up and die. I don't think it was an anal gland thing.
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              A groomer told your brother the dog was going to become blocked up and die <from a GI cyst>? That makes me laugh a little bit. Groomers know a lot about anal glands and expressing them (can be diet related if stool isn't properly formed and firm enough to express the glands during defecation), but I wouldn't put too much weight in their medical advice unless they happen to have the letters DVM after their name.

              If the dog isn't going to be kept on a raw or homecooked diet, then I see little point in doing it in the short term. And, going low fat is a good way to go if you're doing the home cooked thing for now...dogs eating a commercial diet often aren't used to taking in large amounts of fat from whole foods, which can lead to pancreatitis. If your dad only wants to feed dog food, there are plenty of grain free alternatives on the market. And feeding a small dog like a Pom won't put too much of a dent in the wallet. Orijen and EVO are probably the "cream" of the grain free crop. Taste of the Wild is really good, esp for the price. You might get better buy-in from your dad with the TOTW price tag.

              I (currently) own 18 dogs (plus a foster) and in my experience raw/home cooked can be ideal for a dog...but the owner *has* to be willing to put the work and research in to it. Honestly, not something I'd recommend for your brother and dad from what you've said about them here. I would, however, definitely recommend going to a grain free kibble. Grains are wholly inappropriate for dogs and I've seen much improvement in overall health, appearance and elimination from grain free kibbles in our crew.
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                I would third the grain free kibble as maybe being the best option in this situation. It will be a more expensive kibble, but since it is a small dog hopefully the cost won't be as big of a deal.

                Grain free kibble, if they want to do treats recommend things like freeze dried liver or other non grain based options, and supplement with fish oil.

                I would find a kibble that the dad/brother can pick up easily, so maybe do the food switch with the aunt, but pick a brand carried at a petstore nearby to the normal caregivers. Petsmart doesn't really carry any of those outside of blue buffalo (which I don't think is overly great), not sure about Petco.

                In regards to the cyst thing, find it odd that a groomer would mention that (or be able to diagnose that even), wondering if it is just an anal gland infection or abscess. The groomer might have been expressing the glands and saw problems with them that would indicate an underlying infection. If the dog is scooting, irritated back there (licking), swollen/red/visible lump, then a vet visit is in order. If no issues like that, then keep an eye on the bowel movements and for any other odd symptoms.
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                  Thanks guys. I found it odd as well that the groomer would say something, but i'm getting this story several times removed from the original source. My brother (who talked to the breeder) told my dad, who told my aunt, who told me. However, if it's an anal gland thing, why on earth would she say that the dog was in danger of dying from this? Anyway, grain-free kibble is probably the best idea. My dad's pet store of choice carries EVO, so I'll talk to my dad (or maybe my brother). Thanks guys! if anyone has other suggestions (such as supplements), i'm all ears.
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                    Originally posted by Saoirse View Post
                    <snip> if it's an anal gland thing, why on earth would she say that the dog was in danger of dying from this? <snip>
                    Really I think if you are worried about the dog a vet visit is in order. That being said anal glands would have to be in REALLY bad shape to kill a dog but I suppose that if they burst and released infected anal gland nastiness into to inside of the dog it could get a really nasty infection and die. But I think the dog would be scooting and licking his butt like crazy before that would happen!


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                      Bowel blockage is no laughing matter and can indeed kill a dog. Is the dog able to eat and poop normally? Have your aunt watch the pom's eating and eliminating habits first. If the pom is eating without throwing up and pooping without too much strain, you're fine and the groomer is an alarmist. If not, get the poor little guy to the vet asap. My Aussie had a partial blockage. The vet gave him some meds to "move things along", and he recovered nicely, but I was glad I caught it quickly. A rawhide caused it - I avoid those things like the plague now.

                      As for dog foods - PetCo carries Solid Gold, which is a good quality food. Whole Foods carries Wellness and some other good quality foods. My Aussie - when he eats kibble, gets Orijen, Wellness or Solid Gold (I mix things up and have since he was a puppy so he's used to it). High quality dog food will cause the runs on a dog who is not used to it. Change slowly.
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                        Probably anal glands are swollen, not cysts. You can heve them "expressed", like popping a super smeally and nasty zit, by a vet. My mother in law's dog is always getting them expressed, her vet suggested the dog just have them removed as they really don't need them. Probably cheaper than custom food in the long run.


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                          okay, just for clarification i checked with my dad again. this is a case of getting things wrong because it's not from the original source. apparently he has seen a vet. there is a tumor in the little guy's colon, and the tumor is so big that if it's surgically removed there will not be enough tissue for proper colon/rectal function. so they are just going to leave it. supposedly it doesn't seem to bother the dog. i did suggest to my dad that he make the dog's food, which was countered with "the vet thinks he needs a hard food to prevent tartar buildup," which i countered with "apparently RAW chicken bones are safe for dogs and help to clean the teeth." he didn't like that idea, so i pointed out that his favorite pet store carries a grain-free dog kibble. i dropped it there because i didn't really want to argue with him.
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