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So Delicious brand Coconut Milk Creamer?

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  • So Delicious brand Coconut Milk Creamer?

    Hi all,

    Saw this product in Whole Foods the other day. Would appreciate knowing if it's primal or not? (Desperately seeking alternatives to milk for my Whole30 coffee). Also, if you've tried it, how would it work in scrambled eggs in lieu of milk?

    thanks in advance,

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    I have it from time to time. There is a little bit of sugar in it but it definitely beats conventional coffee creamer. I use the So Delicious coconut milk in my protein shakes as it has a little less additives than their creamer. I have never used it in my eggs though, I have my eggs plain with lots of butter.
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      I looked at the ingredients of the So Delicious and it just appears to be regular coconut milk with extra water. There is an unsweetened version. I take the Thai brand coconut milk in a can and use a hand blender to mix it up (it seems to be separated most of the time) and add a teaspoon of vanilla and viola! it is an excellent coffee creamer substitute....imo. I don't put milk in my eggs either....and yes, lots of butter =D