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Holy crap! I've gained three-and-a-half pounds!

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  • Holy crap! I've gained three-and-a-half pounds!

    Jeeeeezusss.... I last weighed myself maybe 2 weeks ago... I THOUGHT THIS PRIMAL STUFF WAS S'POSED TO MAKE YA LOSE WEIGHT--or at least maintain...

    I'm guessing it's the walnuts & almonds? Now that my toast and cereal are gone--it's the only crunchy, easy-to-grab food source in the house... (That and my daily apple slices with almond butter spread on it! YUM!!) God, wonder what my daily calorie intake is like...?

    Dammit. Guess I'll have to cut way back on them suckers. I'm almost out--guess I won't buy anymore for awhile and see what happens...
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    Nuts and dairy are the bane of my existance. I easily go way overboard. Almond butter is nolonger allowed in my house.


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      hint: you probably should not be freaking out about a measly 3.5 lbs.

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        I gained fat eating nuts and I never felt like I ate a ton of them either. After just one week of not eating nuts I've already lost an inch off my waist and hips (I don't weigh myself, I have a history of disordered eating and it's too much of a trigger).
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          Originally posted by batty View Post
          hint: you probably should not be freaking out about a measly 3.5 lbs.

          I still weigh myself frequently because I'm just so darned interested in the variation on the scale. I weigh myself right after waking up and using the bathroom. It's entirely possible for me to gain or lose 3lbs in 24 hours, often for no obvious reason.

          But if you suspect your nuts, certainly give them up for a bit. I find it quite liberating now going without things that I swore I could never live without.

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            I go up and down 5 lbs in a day - easy. No biggy.


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              What if the weight gain is muscle, not fat? As a long time slave to the scale, I force myself to go by how I feel, and how my clothing fits.
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                3.5 pounds is one good dump. I wouldn't worry about it.

                I've been trying to gain weight and it's hard freaking work. The gallon and a half of heavy whipping cream that I've drunk in the last few weeks seems to have bought me maybe a couple of pounds, but it's hard to tell as my weight moves up and down in a 5-6 lb range. If your carb intake is appropriate to your exercise level, fat should just melt away.



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                  I'm definitely +/- 3 lbs in a day, everyday. I like to weigh myself before I go to bed and again after I wake up. I marvel at the thought that I can lose so much weight during my sleep.
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                    Nuts will increase your caloric intake through carbs far too high. Nuts are not carb-free, and carbs will make you gain weight if you go outside Mark's "sweet spot for weight loss" point. Nuts make it far too easy to exceed that sweet spot.

                    If you want crunch, grab some carrots and celery.
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                      Originally posted by ElaineC View Post
                      What if the weight gain is muscle, not fat? As a long time slave to the scale, I force myself to go by how I feel, and how my clothing fits.
                      3.5 pounds can be anything. that's water retention caused by the carbs in a handful of almonds. it's also possible that it's two weeks of good strength training. i'd be a little bummed too if i gained weight, but chances are good that it's not fat. kill your scale (or keep it around to weigh other things, like cats, a hiking pack, or the massive bowl of chili you're about to eat...yes, i've done all of those)


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                        I bought a bag of nuts in their shells. They take me forever to crack and eat!


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                          Originally posted by gordo View Post
                          3.5 pounds is one good dump.
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                            There is a good possibility that you are changing your body composition and adding lean mass while simultaneously LOSING fat. Considering a liter of water weighs 2.2 Lbs, don't worry too much about 3.5. You're doing great!
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                              Did you weigh yourself on the same day of the week and at the same time? I not only do that, but I mark my weight on a calendar. As others have posted here, water fluctuations can change my weight up to 5 lbs within ONE DAY. That's not gain; it's just how our bodies function. I record my weekly weight because I look at the 'trend' in my numbers, not the specific number on any given day--which can be deceiving.

                              That's because the scale number is at best an 'approximation' of your weight at any given moment. For example, as we lose fat, the body will often fill those empty cells with water, hoping for a return of the fat (the body sees weight loss as a negative). Eventually, it will drop that water, but in the meantime, people often think that they're either 'stalled' or they've 'gained' (water weighs more than fat).

                              I'm not saying you didn't gain 3 lbs. I'm only saying that before you adjust your eating, consider whether or not this is something to be concerned about. (If you want to lose, I'd suggest dropping the nuts--unless you can practice strict portion control.)