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  • chicken cartilage

    I luv chicken cartilage from slow roasted chickens. I've always loved the cartilage. When i used to eat fried chicken i would scavenge all the pieces for skin (duh) and the cartilage. My husband thinks this is weird, but i don't care much b/c he leaves the cartilage for me.

    i really like that big piece near the top of those whole roasted chickens.

    When i finish with one of those chickens, there really is nothing left of it. I like those little nuggetty glandy parts, too, i don't even know what they are. I think sort of around the thigh part.

    does anyone else eat the chicken cartilage?

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    i love chicken cartilage too. In particular the knee joints. But the best, if you can find em, is chicken feet. I love them in chicken soup because they make the broth awesome and their texture is kind of cartilagy and goodness.


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      The nuggety glandy parts nears the thighs are most likely kidneys...yum!! The feet are full of gelatinous goodness and you can find them for cheap in an Asian market.


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        hey guys, just a quick question, i've seen chicken feet mentioned on another post & i've tried to source some from my local farm, they've offered me turkeys feet as they are unable to get chickens feet, are turkeys feet as good or are they inferior for some reason. thank you in advance for any info on this subject.


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          Enjoyed the article!