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  • I'm just gonna go ahead and say it...

    ... I've been having problems with yeast infections and was wondering if any of you ladies out there experienced this within the first few months of going primal. I have been 99.999% primal for the last three months and everything I read on the subject says this is what I should do to AVOID them. I only have one piece of fruit a day and it's usually an apple. I've changed my soap and will now change my sponge too. I just don't get it! Maybe my body's ph is off? How do I know and how do I get it back on track? So weird! Oh, and I always take my morning probiotic. I have no health insurance so I'm trying to avoid the "professionals" but this is the third one in four months. Ugg. Maybe still detoxing? I wasn't a horrible eater before but do you think it is still working itself out of my system? HELP!
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    ATkins book has a few pages on yeast. I tried to find it online so I could link it for you but no luck, see if you can get hold of a copy of the New Diet Revolution (2002) and read it. But basically he says mould can also trigger reactions. In addition to the high sugar and grain foods, which you will already be avoiding, he list the following as possibly causing a reaction, and advises giving them up for 4-6 weeks and seeing if htere is any improvement. If not, it is not yeast. If it does improve, experiment by reintroducing them one at a time and seeing which ones affect you.

    cheese (except mozzarella and cream cheese)
    vinegar, soy sauce and other fermented condiments
    sour cream
    peanuts, cashews & pistacchios (all nuts are prone to mould but these are the worst)
    smoked or cured foods
    beer, wine, spirits
    yeast containing vitamins (read labels carefully)
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      My non-primal friend who sees only very conventional doctors was told by her GYN to not use soap at all to prevent future yeast infections--just wash with plain water. She hasn't had an infection since!

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        I agree lizch, soap is a killer. Not to mention, the Ph of soaps can greatly alter your vaginal Ph, which is what can cause things like unpleasant odors, taste, etc. I recommend that every woman give plain water a chance, even if you use soap on the rest of your body.

        I have also been reading recently about women that are having great results with yeast infections by using coconut oil as a personal lubricant due to its antimicrobial properties.
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          Yep, I agree with the soap thing. Dr.Bonner's is what kicked it up last time so I changed soaps and washed only around the area with the new but I think I'll give it up completely. I'll look for that book. Thank you.
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            Good move regarding the soap. And I second supersellen's comment regarding coconut oil.

            If the yeast infections are being caused by a gut flora imbalance, keep in mind that for some people it can take a long time (i.e. many many months) to get their gut back into balance. Which probiotic are you taking? Are you eating a variety of probiotic foods?


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              A great natural home remedy is garlic. You can find information about it online, but you simply peel a clove of garlic, secure it with a piece of string and insert. It can work wonders in just a matter of hours. Some sources say you might notice a taste of garlic in your mouth, but I did not.

              Last month I had a yeast infection that did not respond to regular oral medication, but a clove of garlic did the trick overnight. I was a skeptic, but now I'm convinced.


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                Regarding the coconut oil, my boyfriend would get a kick out of that. He constantly teases about my "over use" of it anyway. If I broke it out during sex he would think I lost my mind. I'll have to be on the sly! lol
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                  My doc said, in addition to "no soap", you can use acidophilus as a local probiotic to out-compete the yeast. Apply some of the powder from inside a pill ... She suggested FemDophilus.. Or just slather on some unsweetened yogurt. Felt weird but it did help!

                  Also, if it keeps happening, might want to get tested to confirm it IS a yeast infection. Reportedly bacterial vaginosis can feel pretty similar and fungicides just make it happier.
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                    My sister used yogurt or beer yeast (she was a home brewer). Just insert.
                    The other issue is that women w elevated blood sugar get them more frequently.
                    It may take a bit more time eating this way to resolve.
                    Yogurt is a very inexpensive, available remedy.


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                      If you don't use condoms, you might be getting it from your boyfriend (men commonly have asymptomatic yeast infections). some lubricants (like K-Y or lubricants on the condoms) can also increase your odds of yeast infection. coconut oil is a good one, and you can also try to go commando when practical.
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                        I believe that a yeast infection is a symptom, not the problem. Like I tell my kid, it's like having a flat tire and you keep airing the tire up daily but never fix the hole. You need to patch the hole.

                        Check out this new article by Bee Wilder:


                        Best of health to you!



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                          Do you eat much coconut oil? I've found it very effective in killing off yeast overgrowth. I take a couple of tablespoons a day.


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                            Are you using any laundry detergents or dryer sheets with fragrance? Those cause problems for me.
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                              Oil of Oregano. take it for a good week, then follow up with a really good pro-biotic to repopulate the gut flora.

                              The oil kills yeast and fungas, also helps to ward off colds and flu (will stop a cold or infection dead). It also kills my sweet tooth. When I take it (usually because I feel something coming on), my insane desire for sweet things goes away.

                              I really should take it more often.
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