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    What are your thoughts about continuing the Primal Blueprint eating plan while pregnant? Do or Don't? It seems alot of the information I have gotten (as like all CW) wants you to eat 6-11 servings of grains/bread. I cannot do that even on a good day!! Has anyone gone all the way through a pregnancy eating Primal?

    Thanks for you help in this matter.

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    I have not yet been pregnant while eating primaly, but why would avoiding damaging foods suddenly be a bad idea because you are pregnant?
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      Thanks supersellen! I agree, just my first and you know....


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        Lots of benefits to a Primal Pregnancy:
        Better nutrition = better baby health, less chance of tearing/bleeding
        Lower chance of high blood sugars = no "Gestational diabetes"
        Sufficient Vitamin D (recommend supplementing with 5,000 IUs D3 in an oil base right away & get tested in 3 months) = Lower chance of preterm birth/C-section/preeclampsia
        Baby gets acquainted with healthy food right away (in utero!) and develops a taste for Primal food.
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          Yes, do it for your health and the baby. I got my wife to eat primal about a yr prior to finding out she was pregnant. She ate primal throughout the pregnancy and continues to eat this way breastfeeding our 3 month daughter. Around, 17-20wks we went 90%-100% primal with no cheats in order to control gestational diabetes. According to the glucose test she had gestational diabetes, but I really just think she(her family) is predisposed to be diabetic. The entire time her fasting was always 90 or lower, just post lvls would take long to go down. The sticking to 100% was hard, but it was worth it to not have to get on meds.
          I believe the lifestyle helped her have a "easy" birthing experience. Nurses and OB always commented how they couldn't remember such a healthy mom and easy patient without issues. I liked how her OB would always tell us how he liked to see us cause he could just chit chat and not have to worry about some complication.
          Also, she lost all her pregnancy weight short of 2lbs within 1 month of the birth. Even though it could be genetics, I think our life style played a very large role in the weight loss, since all her other family members never lose the pregnancy weight.
          I love how people would tell her "You'll see how it is once you have the baby" or "You won't be able to keep working all day." She's a Practitioner and continued to see a full day of patients up to 36wks while her coworkers would be having afternoon crashes.
          I say it is one of the best thing you could do for yourself and your child.


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            I'm pregnant right now and I eat primal. Occasionally I get those crazy cravings like for some chocolate, oatmeal (wtf i never wanted that before...but suddenly its like EAT SOME DAMN OATMEAL!) or icecream, but I try to limit the portion size to as small as possible so I don't spaz out on the bad stuff.


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              My husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant with our second. I've been eating primally for about a month now and I plan on doing it during pregnancy. I gained 50# and was close to having gestational diabetes with my daughter. I also didn't lose the weight post postpartum as quickly as I thought I would and I know it was all my diet. I don't see a problem with eating this way during pregnancy...eating whole foods, protein and lots of good fats can't be bad for you.

              As a side question - if one was pregnant and following the primal lifestyle, but had a craving for some non-primal foods, would it be okay to eat a gluten free version? I.e. if there was a craving for a bowl of cereal or something.


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                Ya'll are GREAT!!! Thanks for all the wonderful responses. (YEA ABIGAIL, March 21st is my horse's birthday!! GREAT DAY TO BE BORN! LOL


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                  spearchick, I've followed the stoties of multiple primal preg. ladies, and its common from what I've read to crave more carbs during pregnancy. Additions I've seen primal mamas mention adding include more starches like potatoes, white rice, sweet potatoes, etc, along with more fruit. I think the idea to stay gluten free is a great one. Avoiding added sugars/sugar in general and favoring starch over fructose if adding extra carbs would be important to me as well.

                  Above all, just do the best you can, and stick to 'real food' as much as possible! HTH!
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                    I am currently pregnant and primal. I have a journal here on MDA and a food blog you can follow along. It hasn't been easy through the first trimester because I had bad morning sickness and the carb cravings were crazy. I am finally at a point where I feel the morning sickness is subsiding and am feeling normal again. It is totally doable, I just add more sweet potatoes or an extra piece of fruit to ward off some of the crazy cravings. Sometimes I just give in to the cravings too. I find that i am craving more dairy than anything. In the end it is a long term process.

                    There are a couple of other women on here who are currently preggo or were preggo while doing primal. My ob/gyn was thrilled with my choice to stay primal through pregnancy, he said it was the best diet for the baby and me. So with that said go for it. I am not going to tell you it is a breeze though, it was much more easier being primal and not preggo, but I will continue to update my journal here and hopefully it will get easier now that I am not so sick as much.
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