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Is there a down-side to too much Omega-3?

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  • Is there a down-side to too much Omega-3?


    Just asking because I'm still having some joint pain and stiffness after a month of PB, although it's much better than it was before I started.

    I'm taking 1 1200 mg. Fish Oil cap a day, but am concerned that my ratios might still be screwed up a little, since I can't always afford grass-fed beef, etc....and I have been indulging in a little (2-3 oz.) Brie once a week or so.

    I'm thinking of doubling up, and taking two a day for awhile, but was wondering how much people here take?

    Is there any down side to too much Fish Oil, other than the expense?

    My mom had very bad Osteoarthritis, so I kind of freak out when my hip and knee start talking to me.

    Unfortunately, going to the doctor is not really an option for me right now, as I have no insurance and very little money. I'd rather solve the problem myself, anyway :-)

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    I was thinking about asking this exact question today. Somewhere I read that 3-5 grams daily is ideal. My pills are 1200 mg each, so I started taking one per day, then two per day, and now I'm taking four per day. It took me a while to adjust when I first started taking them, but bumping up my "dose" has been without ill effect.


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      So, I went back and re-read Mark's article on Fish Oil and the follow-up... looks like he doesn't recommend over 3 grams daily unless you have a lot of omega-6 in your diet.

      So I'm still not sure, but might actually try 3-1200 mg caps daily for awhile.

      Any idea how long it takes for the old 6 still in the cell membranes to clear? A month...three...?

      My diet before starting PB early August was real crap, so I'm just wondering if I'm being a bit impatient here :-)


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        Overdosing on O-3 seems unlikely:

        It&#39;s also possible to overdo n-3 fats. The traditional Inuit, despite their excellent health overall, did not clot well. They commonly developed nosebleeds that would last for three days, for example. This is thought to be due to the effect of n-3 on blood clotting. But keep in mind that their n-3 intake was so high it would be difficult to achieve today without drinking wine glasses full of fish oil.</blockquote>

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          Thanks for the awseome link!

          That answered a lot of my questions all at once; I&#39;m going to save the article for reference later.