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Salami - primal?

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  • Salami - primal?

    I was wondering if/how salami fits on the primal scale. The hard, dry kind. I figure it is no more cured than bacon or jerky, and no more processed or finely chopped than well-chewed whole meat, or hamburger. But for some reason in the back of my mind I thought I remembered a post or blog touting that it was technically processed and thus not purely primal. That might have been another, more anal blog/site/forum, or a product of my imagination.

    I don't plan on dropping it, but was curious how y'all view it. Also, same question , but from the Paleo and Whole9 perspectives.

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    i don't think it's 100% primal, but it's pretty close and i happily eat some every couple of weeks.


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      Hey, I eat a lot of Proscuttio, serano jamon, some salami and serano chorizo. All from Deli/deli counters.
      I sometimes buy the Tesco Proscuttio as it is the only meat I can buy off the counter that has only Salt added and no preservatives etc.
      I dont see why it shouldnt be primal, I was under the impresssion that man has used salting to preserve meat for... well before written language even if man didnt understand why.
      Salami has a few added ingredients such as vinegar, wine - which I cant tell you time-line wise but seeing as I use both of these myself, I dont consider it too much of an issue

      Serano jamon and manchego cheese have to be the epitomy of joy. I cant tell you how happy these two things make me... sadly. me and cheese dont get on


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        Here is a page on how it is made. Are nitrites/nitrates allowed? If not, it is not Primal.
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          I consider it to be in the same category as pepperoni and bacon: not the best choice, but still acceptable.
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            and another...

            store- bought [like anything] will contain additives [mostly] I mean that home-made, traditional ways are WAY primal!
            you could even make this yourself!


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              I get a little salami once in awhile from a local deli that makes their own. I consider it a yummy treat - not something I would eat every day but a once-in-a-while snack. IMO it's better to eat a few slices of salami as an occasional treat than a bag of potato chips.


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                Salami is very Yummy and I ate it on Atkins and lost weight but I think I remember it being not recommended in his book. Im sure if your choice is salami or carbs at a party I would go for the salami though.


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                  (In Homer Simpsons voice) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, salami.


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                    Salami and AGEs

                    I adore salami, and I gather the Nitrates/nitrites are not the big health issue once thought, but AGEs are. If salami is a processed meat, but it is made at low heat hopefully the AGE content is lower than industrial processed meats? Anyone able to help rate the various traditional processed meats in a helpful way? Is the trick to eat salami cold, not to cook with it?