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  • What am I doing wrong?

    I'm trying to lose weight and trying desperately to stay off the sugar just because I feel better when I'm off of it. However, one week into eating really well, I am having huge cravings. Fitday has my calories at around 1500, about 20 grams of carbs, 40-50 grams of protein. How do I stop craving sweets?

    My usual diet is
    2 jumbo eggs over easy
    about an ounce of meat
    side of kim chi

    usually dinner leftovers, meat and veggies with butter

    3-4 ounces of meat
    leafy greens
    broccoli with butter
    Snack: a cup of coconut milk, maybe with some frozen blueberries.

    Supplements are 1 Tablespoon cod liver oil, salmon oil (3-4 grams), magnesium (400-800), 1-2 tsp. Glucosamine.

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    Eat more fat! Coconut oil, butter or lard...
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      I'd say up the fat and protein. If you just started, cravings are natural and will ease with time. Hang in there!


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        You're not doing anything wrong. You are having low-carb flu; you are kicking the carb habit. It's hard to do. Don't have any starchy or sweet carbs (that means no blueberries) until the cravings disappear; every time you have anything starchy or sugary, it will re-set your cravings.

        This may take up to four weeks to kick; you just have to hold on and be strong until then. Eat fat any time you have a craving. Your body is readjusting to do what it's supposed to do - burn fat for fuel.

        Search for "carb flu" on this site and you'll find lots of experiences with it. You can do this. Almost everyone here has gone through it and come out the other side.
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          OK, Thank guys,
          I will up the fat and protein and see how it goes. It was really bad yesterday but then I realized that I had had soup for lunch so I figured that I just hadn't had enough calories.

          I will persevere!


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            40 to 50 g of protien seems low. Shoot for .7 to 1.0 multiple of your body weight.
            If your food is fast, maybe you should fast.


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              I agree that your food choices look really good, though unless you are a very small person, it doesn't sound like nearly ENOUGH food.

              I'm 5'3", 120 lean pounds, female, and I eat WAAAAAY more than that. 2 eggs and an ounce of meat for breakfast? Really?

              It's totally normal to have carb/sugar cravings for several days to several weeks. They'll pass.
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                How long have you been primal for? I mean completely primal? If you are still within the first 2-3 weeks you will be experiencing cravings, most of us do. Sometimes it will last over a month. For me personally it was tough because I was training pretty hard during my first 30 days. But after about 3 weeks all the cravings stopped. I do have a banana and some berries as a snack after a really intense workout. But other than that I am fully compliant.

                But as the others have already said. Keep eating fat as it will keep you satisfied and full. Best of luck its worth it!
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                  I upped my fat and protein and it really helped. Now I think about chocolate and just let the thought go.

                  Today is the last day of week two of my primal crackdown. I'm still not sure how I'm going to navigate Christmas. In the past just one sweet or wheat thing has sent me out of my primal sweet spot. (and into a month or two of carb binging) It's going to be hard to avoid eating some non-primal stuff at the family gathering. Mostly because I don't want to offend. I'll do my best and load up on fat before I go and try to stick to meat and veggies at dinner.


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                    Christmas is going to be tough for me too, I think instead of going over to families house, I'll have a small gathering at my own, and cook everything myself
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                      You are still addicted to the grains & sugars. Give it a few more weeks and it will pass. The first few weeks of being primal can be like quitting smoking.

                      Keep up the good work and stay positive. You will be happy you did.



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                        Magnesium will cut the sugar cravings.

                        Take to the point that your bowels become loose, then back off the dosage a bit.

                        Google it.
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                          Originally posted by Grizz View Post

                          You are still addicted to the grains & sugars. Give it a few more weeks and it will pass. ....
                          For some people, the addiction may lessen, but it will never truly pass. Good luck Puddlefoot!