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    Are the folks that really thrive on the Primal diet all type O? The original genetic hunters? What is Mark's blood type for example?

    I'm type A. I've lived on grain for 43 years and am naturally about 12% body fat and 80Kg. Light cardio cuts me to 8% body fat in 2 weeks. My blood sugar stays nice and low and steady whatever carbs I eat.

    I've always felt healthy but always looking for better performance.

    The Primal diet really appeals to me.

    I've been eating Primal for quite a few weeks and enjoy many aspects. But, my muscle strength and endurance has dropped massively. Even light exertion is impossible since starting to eat Primal.

    Will I ever get my strength back eating Primal?

    Are my genetics just not right for eating Primal?

    Is blood group an issue? For example, I have type O friends who live on red meat. I absolutely cannot digest red meat at all.

    Feeling weak is no fun and I don't know how long I can stay on Primal eating. Most posts I've read are saying I should have transitioned by now.

    Will I ever transition?

    Has anyone out there had a long transition time?

    I'd be very interested to read comments

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    My blood type is A- and I have no issues with red meat. In going primal, and in particular, weight lifting several times a week, my strength has increased and I have not lacked for energy. There are times when weight loss is slower than others, and I am still working on getting my carbs on the lower end of the 50-100 scale, but it's working out well.

    Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
    Current weight: 199
    Goal: 145


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      Thanks Katt

      Maybe its just I've been so adapted to grain. I've always been strong and lean but my intuition is that Primal is the way to eat.

      As I say above, after quite a few weeks on Primal eating I have no strength at all, so something seems not right. You and many others say your strength has increased.

      I was just hoping someone would say "yeah, I felt bad for a month and then my strength returned and I felt great..."

      So lets wait and see


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        That whole diet by blood type is worse than false. So many people have bought into it. They are SO many logical fallacies on the surface, let alone more in depth.

        Read the review of the book by WAPF:


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          I'm type A+ and I had a rather short "weak" so many other people, I actually was able to lift more and felt stronger.... In contrast though.. my wife is type 0 and she recently converted over and she feels like crap... So yeah i guess it's different for everyone and the initial phase is different regardless of blood types I think.

          Your energy level can be attributed to some other things as well though... quality of sleep... lack of fruit intake... stress...etc.


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            ra18--read that Weston price page (link posted by OnTheBayou). I did, and it was very informative.


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              I'm happy to disregard blood group as a factor. It's just I happen to have a couple of friends who thrive on 50g carb and lots of red meat and they happen to both be type O. My question was just curiosity that it might be a factor.

              I guess I'm looking for real life examples of how long it takes to adjust from a high grain diet to Primal.

              I'd interested to hear from anyone who is now thriving on Primal who took more than a couple of months to adjust.


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                I'm type A+ and had a bit of trouble adapting at first (sugar cravings, loss of strength). Probably correlation rather than causation after a life of grains and sugar.


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                  I think one of the recurring themes on this thread is individual variability in adjusting to new diets. It certainly is true, but it doesn't have anything to do with blood types.