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    I have problems mentally with Fridays. I take it as a break day, and I lose motivation to eat healthy foods in healthy portions. I know I have the willpower to control myself, I just lack the want-to, just for this one day. Maybe it's not a huge deal, but I'm trying to lose another 10-15 pounds or so, and these days bring me back. There's always an excuse. Yesterday I was doing great, until I got to the movie. Then my love of popcorn made itself apparent. And I ate quite a bit. Not a big deal, but that mentally does a lot, especially when you go home after that and eat two pieces of pizza. The Superman feeling is gone!

    So I guess my question is, what do you guys do to stay motivated?

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    I journal here regularly. Make sure I eat before going to a movie (I indulge my butter craving, so I don't need the popcorn!) Plan my "treats" in advance. Don't buy anything that isn't Primal to eat at home.
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      Originally posted by Bakonator View Post
      So I guess my question is, what do you guys do to stay motivated?
      Well, having severe wheat and gluten allergies along with diabetes keeps me in line without effort, really. When you have a bite of bread or cake and then you suffer for two to three days with the almost-immediate painful reaction of swollen joints and migraine headaches, not to mention stomach distress, you stop even considering cheats.
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        I hear you on popcorn. The only time my diet is out of line is when me and the fiance go to the movies normally on Friday or Saturday. We share a small popcorn. I have to make sure we only order a small because if its a large I will surely finish it off no problem. This is pretty much the only thing I cheat on all week. Normally its enough to make me feel guilty for a full week until the next weekends movie. It is probably a savior for me since everyone else around me eats junk food and without releasing a little steam with the popcorn I may just lose it. Remember the 80/20 rule. For me its more like 90/10 to keep me in check.

        As for motivation that is an easy one. I want to live a long healthy life free of any auto-immune diseases. Just like Griff I have serious gluten and dairy allergies. When I used to eat those regularly I would have the worst allergies and IBS. Being healthy and allergy free is more than enough motivation than junk food that will make me feel like crap almost instantly. Getting totally ripped from this diet is iceing on top of the primal cake, but eating this way/exercising and sleeping enough will get you to your body composition goals.
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        People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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          if i want something not primally approved, i have some and then take note that it doesn't taste as good as it used to and after some time i don't want it as much. if you want it, have it. no one's gonna spat your hand for it, just realize you may not get the physical results you want as quickly as you'd want
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            I know that feeling! Keep in mind that the desire to eat off plan on Fridays is mainly psychological (end of work week, etc.), and you can control your eating if you control your thoughts.

            You might consider planning a special treat for Fridays that is totally on plan. For example, I have a real weakness for almond butter, so I restrict it to Saturdays only (which is my Friday:-). Or you can plan to have lobster or filet mignon--anything that you consider a luxury (and can afford). If you focus on the 'treat' aspect of some really good, primal food, it might satisfy your Friday urges.


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              Have you thought about sneaking in your own treats to the movie? I do it all the time. I sneak in baggies of carrot sticks. All I need is that munching - doesn't have to be popcorn.


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                I try not to think about this way of eating as "eating healthy." It's just....the way I eat. There are times I eat things that aren't primal because they provide other benefits - social interaction or mental satisfaction. I just don't over-indulge...something I really try to avoid even with primal eating. For example, last night I drove 2 hours with my hubby to Atlanta for a comedy show. We went to a "gourmet" burger place (owned by Richard Blais from Top Chef). Anyhoo...not something we normally do and it's a chef I've admired for a while, so I ordered a pretty primal burger with a fancy beet/goat cheese side salad (instead of fries). Took a bite of the burger w/the bun to have "the experience"as intended by the chef, then removed the bun (it wasn't the star of the meal anyway). I also had a nutella and burnt marshmellow milkshake since their N2 milkshake bar is kinda "their thing". Delightful and tasty! Not something I'd do every day or even every time we go there, but it was worth it last night.

                Bottom line - ditch excuses. Own your eating decisions. Recognize that one "splurge" doesn't mean you have to set the wagon on fire after falling off of it. A "splurge" can be in the context of a bigger primal meal. You are right about one thing - there WILL always be an excuse if you want to look for one or manufacture one. You have to live your life. Remember the 80/20 rule and as long as your 20% isn't making making you sick (ie, eating gluten if you have known sensitivity to it), then accept that it may even be good for you (mentally) to have what you want and not feel "deprived."
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                  How could I forget? Mark did a blog post along these lines recently:
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