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  • Breakfast at work??

    Hi all. Frequent lurker, first time poster. I'm pretty fired up to get more serious about eating primal, and I typically have no problem with lunch, snacks and dinner. In fact, I just polished off a gigantic pan-fried ribeye with sauteed broccolini last night...mmmm.

    My question is this: I know, in an ideal world, that during the work week I should just wake up 20 minutes earlier (6:00am...yikes) and make myself a nice omelette with some bacon, sausage, etc... unfortunately I am most certainly NOT a morning person, and I find myself eating breakfast at my desk when I get to the office around 8:00 or 8:30. I feel like my low-carb options are VERY limited - cereal (no), oatmeal (no), granola bar (no), etc etc. I have a big jug of whey protein at my desk, but that's not the most filling (nor exciting) breakfast.

    Do you guys have any easy low-carb breakfast ideas that would be simple to prepare in my office? I'm not against cooking the night before, but I'm thinking that eggs probably don't reheat too well in a microwave...?



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    Actually, I don't mind baked eggs heated in the microwave. On Sundays, I usually make a baked omlette in an 8x8 pan, cut it in fourths, and have three breakfasts that are quick and easy. The other two mornings, I usually blend up a quick smoothie with berries, protein powder, kefir and coconut milk that I can drink in the car on the way to work.

    Basic Recipe
    8 eggs
    1/2 cup heavy cream
    1/2 cheese
    1.5 cups veggies sauted in butter
    Bacon or sausage if I've got them
    Salt and pepper to taste

    I just saute up some veggies (last week red peppers, green peppers, onions, olives, and jalapenos) in butter, then place them in an 8x8 pan. Use a pastry brush to brush some of the butter up the sides of the pan, so the egg won't stick. Beat the eggs and then add the cream. Add in some cheese if you do that sort of thing, and cooked meat if using, and pour over the veggies. Cook at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until a knife poked in the middle comes out clean. Let sit 5-10 minutes before you slice.

    Heat leftovers in the microwave 1.5 minutes, and top with salsa to help with moisture.
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      We do squares of a frittata. This weeks is bacon and caramelized onion. They heat fine in the microwave.
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        You can make little egg "muffins" too. They're like little frittatas made in a muffin pan. Just make a bunch for the week and keep them in the fridge, then nuke 'em in the microwave and you're set.


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          I usually have hard-boiled eggs for breakfast at work. They are quick to prepare and easy to transport. I put smoked fish roe on them, which weirds out my co-workers; my mom is from Sweden, do I grew up eating some bizarre foods.
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            I always eat "breakfast" at work (more like lunch, actually, because I IF a lot, but whatever).

            I make a salad with lots of leftover meat or canned fish the night before. Put dressing in a seperate container.

            Or, leftovers from dinner. Voila.

            Those egg muffins are handy, too. Or HB eggs/avocado and leftover roast.
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              Some great ideas here. Just wanted to add a couple more. And, just to clarify, I eat lots of non-breakfasty foods at breakfast time (when I'm not IFing) so these probably don't sound all that breakfasty.

              A packet/can of salmon + 1/2 an avocado + mustard + squeeze of lemon juice and some pepper is very yummy and very fast. You can add onions or celery for texture and flavor. (My sister makes salmon salad at work every day w/ salmon, mayo, salt and pepper. She's not switched to homemade mayo yet, so this will probably not be as easy as w/ prepackaged mayo. I find the avo, mustard and lemon juice makes a great mayo sub and think of this as salmon salad--similar to tuna salad.)

              A green smoothie (coconut milk, berries, greens all blended together) w/ a couple hard boiled eggs or some precooked, cold bacon (mmm!) would be another fast one.

              Grassfed hotdogs are so fast I'll eat them on the go and I'm sure you could heat them in the micro (not sure how they would taste?)

              I also love left over sauteed veggies even cold. Leftovers of all kinds make fast and yummy breakfasts.

              You might also want to look into portable stovetops. You can get a single electric burner pretty cheaply, and if you have enough time, could probably make some eggs pretty quickly at work (depending on how much freedom and time you've got to do this kind of thing...) Just a thought!
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                Frittata is excellent, and you can get nice crisp bacon by wrapping it in kitchen paper (the absorbent type). Just experiment with time, as every microwave is different. Start with 30 secs on full, see how it is, and progress in 10 or 5 sec intervals.
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                  Awesome. Thanks for all the great ideas. Didn't have time to cook last night or this morning, so I just ate a bunch of nuts and a whey protein shake. Tomorrow it's on though!


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                    Originally posted by Analog6 View Post
                    Frittata is excellent, and you can get nice crisp bacon by wrapping it in kitchen paper (the absorbent type). Just experiment with time, as every microwave is different. Start with 30 secs on full, see how it is, and progress in 10 or 5 sec intervals.
                    I'm going to try the bacon idea! Didn't know that kitchen paper would make it crispy in the microwave