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No nightshades? Plz help

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  • No nightshades? Plz help

    As a tomato lover I have to ask, why no nightshades? I realize that they are from the New World, but what makes them off limits in terms of PB nutrition?

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    They're really not off-limits according to PB or many (most?) paleo folks, although some stricter ones do recommend avoiding them. They can be a problem for some people with inflammation issues, autoimmune diseases, really sensitive digestive systems, etc.

    If you look though the PB recipes, lots of them contain nightshades.

    Here's Mark's article about nightshades (mostly focuses on alkaloids as a potential problem):

    If you want to know whether they affect you, quit them completely for a month, then add them back in. Personally, since I don't have any obvious health issues, I've got no motivation to try dropping the nightshades.
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      Nightshades aren't off limits to primals, though some paleo diets do say to avoid them. They are moderate sources of lectins, but if you're not especially sensitive and have already cut out the major offenders (grains, legumes) you should be fine.


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        Some folks w/ joint or arthritis issues do better w/out them. Unless you suspect a problem w/ them I wouldn't worry a/b it.
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