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  • Thanks very much for starting this thread, FairyRae.

    Nightshades (and legumes) bring out psoriasis on my wrists and fingers, but never brought on joint pain. To answer a previous question, I saw an improvement in three days when I eliminated them. After a month cutting them, I tried re-introducing them (separately, of course) for a week and didn't make it past day three. As mentioned elsewhere, paprika is the biggest pain. Any use of the blanket term "spice" is essentially guaranteed to have paprika in it.

    I seem to tolerate dairy pretty well, though I think my skin is just slightly better without it, and I haven't really had an issue with rice. I still don't eat it unless it's involved in sushi, though.


    • I've stayed far away from nightshades since I started PB and the pain I had from arthritis is gone. The restricted movement from arthritis in my right hip is still there, and if I push it there will be soreness, but no pain. Before I started PB the pain I had was so bad it hurt even when I didn't move.
      Also I add tumeric to everything possible, just sprinkle it on or chop it up and add it. Something is working well.
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