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  • Need Help with Blood Sugar Readings

    A client of mine expressed to me that he was worried his doctor was going to start putting him on medication for his high blood sugar. He absolutely does not want to do this and I have introduced him to primal eating.

    He has been eating maybe 85 to 90% primal for a month maybe two now with the exception of Thanksgiving.

    He usually checks his sugar in the morning when he wakes up around 6 or so. So far there really hasn't been any change and he's starting to get frustrated. His AM reading can range anywhere from 115 - 150 normally staying at around 130ish.

    Today his reading was 150 despite having only meat and veggies for dinner last night. I'm sure his body is damaged from decades of sugar abuse, but he has done a complete 180 on his lifestyle.

    What could be the issue with his lack of improved blood glucose readings?

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    He needs to take 10,000 IU Daily of Vitamin D3 with the goal of getting his blood level to 60-70 ng/ml after 3 months. This is essential for diabetics.

    * 10,000 IU D3 Gelcaps Daily to achieve correct blood level in most people
    -Proper 25(OH)D Blood Level is 60-70 ng/ml Toxicity overdose > 120-130 ng/ml

    See section 19.8 in my research report for more on Vitamin D3.


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      My understanding is that depending on how the disease has progressed, he may not be able to control it with diet alone. There are diabetics who eat an ideal diet but need meds to keep their blood sugar under control.

      Remember that readings over 140 are doing damage to the body, and he might be better off taking meds while trying to develop a WOE that will enable him to get off the meds.


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        In addition to the above post, consider that the high fasting BG might also respond to Jaminet's suggestion to add a small amount of starch to the diet each day.

        Another possibility is adding some adrenal support - specifically in the form of phosphatidylserine. A board search will bring up some discussions on this supplement but it has *rapidly* reduced at least one person's high fasting BG.

        I use Jarrow PS-100 and take 100 mg, 2x per day. My BG is great but I use it for other reasons.

        Food sources from wikipedia

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          Something really simple for me (I was diagnosed with diabetes on Oct 15th and refused medication) was to check how much protein I was eating. After tracking the entire month of November with both BG testing and using DailyPlate (absolutely no lying or denial) I was able to find out that I was eating 50g-80g of extra protein I didn't need. This was consistant for the entire month of November.

          So, if I ate 150g of protein on Tuesday - my blood glucose became high and stayed consistantly high the next day. And then I'd eat another 150 for the rest of the week - and my blood glucose rarely dropped below 120.

          Beginning of December I dropped my intake below 105g of protein and within days I was waking up with BG of 81. If I eat near 110g of protein, I have morning BG of 98. So, for me, too much protein raises my blood glucose significantly - especially waking BG.

          BG readings in November ranged from 130-170 upon waking and normally 115-125 going to sleep.
          So far this Dec, I haven't seen any of my BG readings above 111 at any time - after eating, waking, going to sleep.

          Hope this information might be helpful to your client!

          EDIT: I'm also taking 7000iu of Vit D3 and fish oil pills - I do think it is a mixture of everything, but a large percent of BG control relied on protein intake on my end.
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            Another point that I should have made is that I believe him to be chronically undereating. I should have mentioned that to start, but I don't know if this is a factor or not. I don't think there is an issue with OVER consumption of protein. He will usually have a small dinner and a very light lunch, but that is it.

            I've tried getting him to eat more, but he just doesn't seem to get it. It's like he's trying to "starve" the blood sugar down.