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    I am fairly new, though have been moving in a primal direction for a couple years.
    I was a vegetarian for a decade with one year as a vegan.
    I stopped when I not only figured out I was actually allergen to soy, but also couldn't stop craving some decent protein for once.
    My question is:
    Will doing the PB help my blood pressure go UP?
    All my life I have experienced extreme dizziness, blackouts, fainting. I'm cold, my heart rate has always been low even when exercising, my blood is thin and has trouble clotting.
    My bp is around 60/40 sometimes 70/50. When I was eight months pregnant it was up to 90/60 and I felt great. Stopped blacking out completely.
    Now that baby is 9 months old and my body is back to it's regular tricks.
    Doctors are useless. They will congratulate me on my pathetic vitals.
    I am hoping that adding animal fats to my diet will make me feel better. It would be great to get my bp up to 90/60 all the time.

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    What is your heart rate?

    I Suggest you get yourself on 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 Gelltabs daily ASAP. Then get your blood tested in 3 months.
    Here is a good source:
    * My favorite Vitamin Shops for 5,000 IU D3 Gelltabs:

    * Home Test Kits, 25(OH)D Blood Level should be 60-70 ng/ml
    ZrtLabs $65
    Lab Corp Testing $50

    Please read this:
    * All about Vitamin D, history & proven illnesses it cures

    See Section 19.8 in my research report for more,
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      Girzz, thanks.

      I actually ordered those exact D3 supps from swanson yesterday.
      I don't know what my levels are, but I live far north and we have snow on the ground 8 months out of the year and little sun during those times, so I am sure I need it.
      My pulse is around 32bpm. obviously higher when running, but never even close to what "experts" call the optimum fat burning zone. Not that I trust any "experts" lately.

      I'm on Metformin for IR,so I don't know if that affects things as well.


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        How much do your run? I suggest probably too much.


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          * You have Hypotension
          * Pulse is 32 BPM,
          * HR is 60/40 sometimes 70/50 or 60/90
          * Pulse Pressure = 20 to 30
          * Vegetarian for a decade with one year as a vegan

          For sure commit to the Paleo diet to help regain your health. When did you start Paleo?
          Be careful about going to animal fats. SLOWLY scale into fats. I'm afraid that your Gallbladder might be all mucked up from 11 years of not being used. If you don't use it, you lose it. The gallbladder squirts bile into your intestines to digest fat. Please refer to section 4.2 (below) in my research for "Gallstones Caused By Low Fat Diet." I suggest starting with a controlled amount of Coconut Oil each day, starting with 1/2 teaspoon. Then slowly build up to 1 teaspoon, then a week later 2 teaspoons, then add a teaspoon each week until you get to 2 tablespoons. If you are still OK, then add some bacon, eggs cooked in bacon fat, go slowly adding in greasy meats such as bacon, hamburger.

          You could have a heart & arteries like an elephant. Hypotension is very controversial. That is probably why your doctors won't help you. I've done some research on this, and the bottom line, is that the difference between the high reading & low reading is what counts. In your case, it is always 20 to 30 points. This difference is called your PULSE pressure. Normal pulse pressure is 40 for most people. Now if your heart rate were high and a low pulse pressure, then you would could have a heart problem. But your HR is also low, and that is what I would expect for low BP.

          Do a google search for "Low Pulse Pressure." I don't think you will find anything wrong & let us know if you do. Let us know when you get your Vitamin D Level up to normal 60 to 70 and you are into a good paleo diet. You may not need your Metformin anymore since Vitamin D3 cures IR.
          Please see this doc, scroll 1/2 way down, see reverse diabetes in 6 easy steps.
          Hit ESC a few times & wait 30 seconds for the ad screen to disappear.

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            I stopped being veg two years ago and added some chicken and fish. I am still working my way into the fats. This process has been slow going for me I guess. It has taken me a long time to let go of being veg.
            You are right about the gallbladder. I did have some issues last year. Very painful! Luckily haven't had an attack in a long time now.
            I know I'm headed in the right direction slowly, but surely.


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              2 years away from veg, and 1 year away from gallbladder pain? You might have luckily escaped having serious gallstone problems. If you can take 2 tablespoons a day of coconut oil, your gallbladder should be A-OK .

              * Coconut Oil - Super Food
              See extensive comments for great ideas on using this oil
              * Miracle Food Category - many health claims including:
              * Take one tablespoon in the morning 1 in the afternoon every day for 30 days:
              1) slashes high blood pressure 2) circulation problems improved
              3) mood swings gone 4) constipation cured
              5) arthritis pain reduced or eliminated 6) improved immune system
              7) cholesterol normalized 8) acid reflux reduced or gone
              9) rapid weight loss of 10 lbs 10) startling health benefits
              11) speeds up metabolism
              * Coconut-Smart Fuel

              Best of luck to you,


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                Bishop are you overweight? The dizziness etc can't be fun. Hope this way of eating sorts it all out.
                Some of the things that may help increase blood pressure as listed in the following site: coffee in the morning, increase water intake, aerobic exercise to improve blood flow, increase salt in diet.
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