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Something I'm Still Unsure About: Sodium

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  • Something I'm Still Unsure About: Sodium

    I've been taught all my life to stay away from sodium. I've also been taught through paleo/primal eating to stay away from sodium. Unfortunately none of my research is telling me what is an okay amount to consume. I put my numbers into livestrong today as I do once a month just to see how I'm doing, and this is what I came up with:

    Apparently my sausage and applegate farms hotdots were pretty damn high in sodium today. My question is... would this be a dangerous level of salt for a healthy, very athletic individual? How can I determine what I -should- be aiming for?

    Also, notice how low my carbs are, hence my other thread about starchy carb sources

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    Depends on your magnesium and potassium levels, IIRC. You want your potassium levels to be abt twice your sodium levels and I forget what ratio you want with magnesium. I'm wanting to say 4:1, sodium: Mg, but I'm not sure on that. I would preach to you abt making you have enough liquids to process the salt, but I figure you've got that one covered already.
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      Ah thats perfect, I did not know this about potassium and salt. I will put all this into fitday to track my actual potassium levels... thanks!