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vegatables:either thyroid-inhibiting or starchy?

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  • vegatables:either thyroid-inhibiting or starchy?

    I am on thyroid medication since I am 11 years old. I am symptom free when I am taking my pills so I had never really worried about he influence of certain foods on thyroid function...until I accidentally stumbled on a table about thyroid inhibiting foods. This is discouraging, it seems like virtually all non-starchy vegetables seem to fall into this category. There don`t seem a lot of them left except zucchini amd bell-peppers. I don`t think it might be a good idea to give up on vegetables. Do you think I should neglect their potential effect on the thyroid as long as I do not experience symptoms?

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    Goitrogenic (sp?) veggies affect the thryoid (like brocolli) but only if eaten raw. Once they're cooked, they're perfectly fine. All leafy greens are fine raw.