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  • The protein powder comparo thread

    After realizing my "crappy" protein powder was expired, I looked into organic / grass-fed whey powders. I've compiled a little spreadsheet that I wanted everyone to see. This is in no means an endorsement of any other product, or saying that Mark's "Primal Fuel" is bad. This is not an exhaustive comparison of the ins and outs of each product. I would appreciate feedback on other organic / grass-fed whey powders to add to this list:

    Mark's product is solidly in the middle of the price per gram of protein in the container. It has some "extras" (coconut fat, natural sugars, etc) that some of the others don't. Are they worth the money, in your opinion?

    One thing Mark's site does not indicate is whether or not the WPI in Primal Fuel comes from grass-fed hormone-free cows. Does anyone know either way?

    I hope some people find this useful. I will probably buy some Primal Fuel to see how it tastes, since it is solidly in the middle of the "rankings," so to speak. Note that shipping prices are NOT included in these estimates. Feel free to let me know if you think that's way off.

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    Wow this is great! I like Jay Robb's a lot. I haven't tried the others. The Swanson one looks interesting. Tera's Whey is awesome. I think it's more expensive though.

    For those who've tried Mark's, is it good? Does it taste really coconutty?
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      If anyone has a Wegmans near them (ie you live in the Northeast), I really like their store brand.


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        I am in no way affiliated with Mark's products, but after having tried like every good powder i could find, I am solidly in the camp for Primal Fuel. It's so goddamn delicious and that means a lot to me. Also, I use it for brownies, puddings, and all sorts of other stuff and it just cooks really well. I freaking love it and I hope it stays around for awhile.


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          I've thought of trying Jay Robb's after reading Maria tout it so often in her recipes: Maria's Food and Nutrition Journal.

          One of these days I'm going to spring for Mark's powder. Maybe if I win the lottery... err... get some Christmas money.

          Seriously though, I do plan on getting that powder some time. Just so I can see for myself what it's all about.


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            I use the organic & grass fed plain whey from Defense Nutrition, tastes great, even with water, and contains no chemicals and other useless stuff. I wanted to try Jarrows because of the cheaper price but it contains Soy Lecithin.


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              I actually use the Swanson and really like it. It uses whey protein from grass fed hormone free cows.


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                By the way, you can call Mark's customer service and get a sample of each flavor for $5.95. Some of the people there don't seem to realize they still have them, though. I just got mine and plan to test it out in the next week or two.
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                  Thanks for compiling all of that info, thoraxe! Very useful.

                  *My* main concern when selecting a protein powder is... how insulinergic is it? Today's MDA post concerns the insulinogenic effects of dairy, including casein, and mentions that casein and, especially, whey, are very insulinogenic. As someone who needs to reduce my BF%, and who is aware that I am insulin-impaired, I'm trying to determine what type of protein powder would be *best* to use. Any input? I have been trying to lose weight following the PB, and the only typical deviation from PB is that I have been taking ~3 heaping tablespoons of hydrolyzed casein every day; my morning fasting blood glucose levels are bad (120-130 range), and I haven't been able to take off any weight, despite otherwise following a very healthy PB diet. Mark's post below struck me like a bolt of lightning... it's probably the casein that's the source of my problems!

                  On Dairy and Insulin

                  (Note: I have a specific health issue that requires me to use protein powder to get extra protein. The protocol that I'm on requires the protein to be hydrolyzed, while Mark's post above mentions that hydrolyzed protein (whey) seems to provoke a particularly large and prolonged insulin response. Any ideas of which hydrolyzed protein might be the least-insulin-provoking?)

                  Here is the site from which I typically order my protein:

                  It seems that the pea protein isolate, rice protein, whole egg, egg white, and hemp protein are all non-dairy, non-whey, non-soy options. Does anyone know which is the highest-quality form of protein and provokes the smallest insulin response?

                  Update: I located this interesting MDA post, which is relevant but doesn't quite address my questions above:

                  Insulin Index

                  excerpt: "High protein, virtually no-carb foods like meat and eggs, while low on the glycemic index, measured high on the insulin index. In other words, while the meat and eggs didn’t cause a spike in blood sugar the way most carbohydrates do, they did result in an unexpectedly significant rise in insulin."
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                    Wow thanks for the effort and posting this Thoraxe. I will be looking into these other protein powders in the future.
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                      I can vouch for the Swanson version also. I get other supplements from them also and they have some of the best prices on the internet.

                      I also use Shawn Phillip's Full Strength shakes in the morning sometimes instead of breakfast.


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                        the true whey is even cheaper at iherb

                        thanks for doing the legwork on this, I was looking for just this kind of breakdown!


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                          I just checked over my protein for it's price/gram, comes out to 4cents per gram of protein, 3.6cents with the in-store discount I got this time (That's Canadian, and even though we're right at parity with the US dollar, prices in the states are still 10% cheaper for most things).

                          InterActive Nutrition Absolute Whey, 2.27kg tub of unflavoured. Regularly $70, was discounted to $63 this purchase.

                          They don't say anything specific about Grass Fed, but their whey comes from New Zealand and they don't add anything artificial to the mix.
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                            Originally posted by thoraxe View Post
                            Mark's product is solidly in the middle of the price per gram of protein in the container. It has some "extras" (coconut fat, natural sugars, etc) that some of the others don't. Are they worth the money, in your opinion?
                            I think you have the wrong price for Primal Fuel in your spreadsheet. I see the price as $79.99 (and no discount for autoship), which lessens the value considerably. In fact, it makes it the second most expensive product at $0.14 per gram of protein and almost three times the cost of the Swanson's. With those savings, you can just throw some coconut milk or coconut milk powder into the blender for your fats.

                            I'm not sure if the price was changed recently (it's been $80 since I first tried it) or if you typo'd it when you created your spreadsheet, but the higher cost makes it a much worse value than most of the other products you list.


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                              when I was looking for protein powder info, I found this
                              DietNet - Whey Protein Brands

                              and I use the Red8 brand as I live in NZ. I dont use it often though so cost isnt an issue.