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Sick or supplements?

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  • Sick or supplements?

    For several weeks, I have felt on the verge of getting a cold, but I never actually got sick. Almost wished that the cold would just come, so I could get it over with. Around this same time, I started taking Vitamin D. Over a couple of weeks I added other supplements (zinc, B complex, magnesium, Omega 3). I don't take them all every day. (I sometimes forget the ones I'm supposed to take with food.) I still have that "a cold-is-coming" feeling. The last week or so, my tummy is queasy, and my ears feel "full." I still feel hungry, but am finding it hard to eat. Nothing really sounds good. Even my morning tea with cream made me sick yesterday. Could it be the supplements?

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    I know some zinc supplements can cause nausea if not taken with a big enough meal. (Mine came with a truly heartfelt warning from the shop owner!) I know that doesn't answer your whole question, but maybe relevant?


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      Could be. Mine does not say to take with food, so I've been having it with my tea in the morning. I will stop that!


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        Eat a spoonful of raw honey first thing in the morning. Eat your breakfast, wait about ten or fifteen minutes, and then drink some ginger tea.