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Raw sweet potatoe

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  • Raw sweet potatoe

    Any one else eat it like this tastes a bit like carrot only a bit more nutty makes a nice quick snack

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    I've had it raw in small julienned strips as part of a salad, and it's excellent. But to just chomp into a whole sweet potato like an apple...the texture isn't very pleasant to me.


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      No i dont eat it like an apple, cut it into quarters and then into small strips just makes quite a nice small snack maybe a bit to carby though


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        I get them at work sometimes and just microwave it a couple minutes, not fully cooked, but warm and a little soft. People made fun of me because I "eat it like a candy bar".


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          I don't think you should be eating it raw. It would contain certain toxins and it is a trypsin inhibitor according to google search.


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            I remember my grandmother eating raw potatoes; I can remember being a small child and wondering how in the world she could peel a potato, eat a slice, peel a potato, eat a slice... In her early sixties, she was diagnosed as severely anemic. Many years later, when I heard the condition "pica" associated with potatoes (also associated with eating dirt, especially clay), I decided it wasn't a coincidence.'

            Is it even remotely possible you aren't getting enough A? C? Iron?


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              From what I'm gathering, as I'm reading the same google results, is that as long as you feel like you feel good and can digest them well enough, it's no big deal eating them raw... The inhibitor is there, and -can- cause a problem digesting protein... but if it isnt coming up or out the backside you're a-ok.