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integrating milled flax seed into food

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  • integrating milled flax seed into food

    i'm wanting to add milled flax seed into the food i eat. how do you do it and with what foods? i tried it in yogurt/fruit smoothie. not the greatest thing i've ever eaten/drank, but i'm trying too make this as pleasant as possible. any ideas/thoughts greatly appreciated.

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    Why do you want to add flax?

    My understanding is that copious amounts of flax may not be the health jolt that was touted a few years ago. Flax oil correlates with prostate cancer, so I assume flax seed does too?

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      Well, starting reading at, we have
      some studies and reviews over the last few years have linked high ALA intake (from both flax oil and milled seed) with higher incidence of prostate cancer. ALA blood levels are higher in response to flax oil intake than they are with milled seed intake.
      So the whole, milled seed would be less of an issue than the oil, if indeed there is an issue. From the study Mark linked to:
      The data reviewed here suggest that ALA protects against heart disease, but there are also indications for an increased risk of prostate cancer in men with a high intake of ALA compared with those with a low intake. It is quite uncertain at present whether the effect on prostate cancer is real. Even if it were real, the protective effect on fatal coronary heart disease would probably outweigh these possible negative effects, especially for men with an increased risk of heart disease. In the United Sates, 6 times more men are diagnosed with coronary heart disease than with prostate cancer, and almost 8 times more men die of coronary heart disease than of prostate cancer (CDC/NCHS, Furthermore, prostate cancer occurs at an older age: >40% of coronary heart disease patients are <65 y old when diagnosed, whereas >50% of prostate cancer patients are >75 y old when diagnosed.
      I didn't see anything there that talked about flax specifically, just ALA from a range of sources including meat.

      I get the impression the jury is still very much out on all things EFA-related. Eat more PUFAs (CW). Er, no, that should be eat more non-rancid PUFAs. Eat more omega 3 but less omega 6, and eat lots of fish oil to make up for an excess of omega 6. No, don't do that, minimise PUFAs overall and replace with saturated fats. Don't bother with flax: the body only converts to EPA and DHA at a very limited rate, which shows you need fish oil instead. No, don't eat fish oil, eat the parent oils, because the body only converts at a very limited rate which shows it doesn't have any use for large doses of EPA and DHA (Brian Peskin).

      I'm going to eat lots of fish and some fresh nuts and seeds while they fight it out. Pre-ground flax seed is OK in green smoothies, I find. Also, hemp seed also has a decent 3:6 balance (not as heavily weighted in favour of 3s, though) and tastes much better.


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        krill oil seems like a good way to go. It doesn't have any of the digestive probs of FO.


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          Aside from the oil components of flax seed there are numerous chemicals contained inside. Of particular note are the lignans contained within flax seeds. While yes these are phytoestrogens there have been various studies which sometimes show health benefits from consumption.

          As far as how to use them in food? My, this was a lot easier when I was simply gluten-free and not primal which pretty much throws out the normal recommendations of sprinkling it over cereal, adding it to oatmeal etc. I think you could probably get away with using it over a salad or even some braised greens. Either by sprinkling it on top of a dressed salad or actually mixing the milled seeds into a creamy dressing.
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            One of the way I incorporate flax, besides smoothies, is in my eggs.
            mix about 2 tbsp flax in a sm amt of water in a bowl, let the flax soak the water for a few min.
            add 2 eggs, cream (or coconut milk) and beat.
            Then cook for about 2 min in the microwave. While the microwave isn't great, this is one of my favorite recipes.
            You can add cream cheese to it, making it more creamy, add salsa at the end. Delish. The extras don't make it very PB friendly though.


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              Does anyone really want to eat flax seeds? No, no you don't. >:|
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                Why eat flax when you can eat beef and salmon?


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                  Plant based omega 3 has to be converted into the animal type before the body can use it. So why not just eat the animal?


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                    Maybe so your body can regulate the rate of conversion according to its needs?

                    (I'm not wedded to that idea, just a suggestion.)


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                      Occasionally I make this "bread" from milled flax.

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