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Questions on Caffiene, Coffee, Espresso, & their Mineral Pros VERSUS Cortisol Cons

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  • Questions on Caffiene, Coffee, Espresso, & their Mineral Pros VERSUS Cortisol Cons

    I just got a job at an Espresso Bar and I'm a little confused and am still trying to figure out how to stay primal amongst all this new food which comes at a discount to me as an employee.

    The "duh" things are to avoid are all syrups (Man made carbs) the crackers in the "Cheese and Cracker" snacks (maybe even the cheese too), and of course ALL the pastries like the bagels, muffins, cake, etc. I don't even miss the pastries anymore, but the cheese still calls me.

    I am still a little lost on the whole Caffiene, coffee, and Espresso, and here's my dillemma. I am VERY fortunate to have this new job in this economic climate, and I'm determined to be the best employee I can be. Throughout the day however, we are REQUIRED to perform quality checks on the Espresso, with TASTE being the ultimate test, despite the previous things we check like; 1) Grams dispensed is correct 2) Tamped to 40 Lbs 3) Water level 4) Brew time. This is something I'd normally skip alongside Grok, unless he DID eat these beans on occaision. I don't know.

    For now, I have decided to limit my tasting of Espresso to THE SMALLEST SIP, just to taste for quality. I HAVE to do this along side my boss who stands right next to me, sipping on the other shot. I HAVE to develop my tongue for Espresso. I must also sip on the Sugary drinks I am asked to sample, so I can describe the taste to customers, and this occurs up to 5 times a shift. With these, I also have limited myself to sips alongside another employee. I try to make up for this by always staying active wiping down tables, restocking, cleaning this, doing that, taking out trash, and the like. There's always something to be done and I am literally always moving.

    There's nothing I can do aside from what I'm doing with the sugary drinks, but my question is: Do I worry about the espresso? Or is it even GOOD for a diet? I just looked up espresso on

    and they give it an "A" rating saying it's high in iron, manganese, and all sorts of other things. It was actually paradigm changer if I'm completely wrong. In TPBP Mark lists caffiene under things to do in moderation or "cut out if you are persuing ambitious weight loss goals". My goal is a six pack, and I don't want espresso to interfere. I would imagine I'm fine so long as I don't take full shots and trigger and adrenaline fight or flight cortisol fat storing response. Someone please clear me up here.

    -Chris, Biochemist in Training

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    First, I wouldn't be concerned about sipping the straight espresso from time to time. As you mentioned above, in moderation it is fine for your health. I drink lattes with whole milk on the weekends thanks to my home espresso machine.

    As for the sugary drinks, have you considered taking a sip then spitting it out? When coffee bean buyers are taste tasting different beans they spit out the sip of coffee each time, as large amounts of caffeine can affect taste. Wine tasters do the same due to alcohol. Just have a spit cup handy that you can toss after each sip!
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      Think of it like the guys in Italy sampling the wines from their barrels, or the taste testers at breweries - they're fine just having little sips throughout the day. Sure, chugging a 24oz mochafrappawhat-what will spike you and drop you, but a taste isn't going to affect much at all.

      Heh, maybe you can set up a little spittoon, swish the coffee around your mouth and spit it out. "Ahh, a lovely bouquet of artificial french vanilla flavoring!"

      edit: also, congratulations on the new job!
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        There is NOTHING wrong with drinking coffee. It is one of the best anti-oxidants you can drink.
        Google "coffee antioxidant " for much more.



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          What's the grand total that you'd be drinking? 2 oz? 4 oz? I wouldn't sweat it. Unless you were sampling pure maple syrup, it's not going to make or break you.

          I'm just talking about the sugar. Coffee and caffeine are a gift to mankind. For any study that finds something negative, you'll find another one talking about the metabolism and work-out boosting benefits of caffeine.


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            I am a winemaker by trade. Tasting is part of the job. We taste all day long and RARELY swallow. Aside from getting too drunk (jittery in your case) to work effectively you have to deal with palate fatigue.

            I was reading an article about a barista school in brooklyn and the guy mentioned constantly tasting but spitting.

            In the winery we spit on the floor or in the drain. Any good tasting room or shop will have a spit bucket (spittoon, if you will). I assume you have a sink, if not get a bucket.

            Let the raunchy responses flow...


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              After a while you get to the point where you can have a triple shot of espresso, go home, and take a nap. I would just enjoy the espresso, and stay away from the Monin syrups and BreadBomb Everything Bagels.
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                Contrary to what many believe, the darker expresso roasts aren't packed full of caffeine like the lighter city roasts. So I wouldn't worry over tasting it. That is, unless you don't like coffee.