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    Still confused, Chima_p. That link talks about choline and a search on flax yielded nothing. The reason I am confused is that I understood that flax was a good source of Omega3s. Also I've seen a # of people here speak of using flax oil and Mark has flax seeds in at least one recipe I've tried. So a statement that "healthy fat means no flax" seems off the mark. No trying to be argumentative, just wanting to understand what is so as I've been using both fish oil and flax.
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      Originally posted by The Biochemist View Post
      After the two-day kickstart, I now alternate between "Limited Eating" days and "Modified Fast" days.
      That sounds like an eating disorder.

      Originally posted by The Biochemist View Post
      On the "Eat" Days, I can consume no more than ..... I've chosen to limit myself to ..... starting every morning with the put myself in Mark's minumum of.....

      The other days are full 24 hour fasts where I can drink only.... but MUST consume....A modified fast if you will.
      This kind of language about how you eat is unhealthy, and the antithesis of PB, which is about nourishing your body and respecting its needs, not restricting shit and getting punitive. An unhealthy attitude towards food and your body.

      Originally posted by The Biochemist View Post
      My Questions:

      Is fasting this frequently a bad thing?

      Originally posted by The Biochemist View Post
      I've been sure to include mutlivitamin, flax oil (omega 3), and protein supplementation to prevent deprivation and backfire, but is this all I need? and in the right amounts? I really don't want a backfire. The goal is to trade body fat for muscle mass..
      No this is not all you need. Not the right amounts. This will backfire.

      Originally posted by The Biochemist View Post
      The reason I'm cutting so slim on calories.... is to compensate for the slips (like the altoids), lack of exercise due to busyness, and to get serious results FAST. The fact that I have regimented intakes of all essential proteins, omega 3 fat, and multivitamin, I calculate I should be okay, and there will be no backfire. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Should I be okay if I am 100% compliant to this?

      Is there anything you are forgetting? You are forgetting to eat. 100% compliance has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle of any sort, including PB. It feels good to be HEALTHY. I have no idea what it feels like to be "compliant," but it sounds like a fucking nightmare.


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        I hope we didn't frighten him away. I really want to know why he wants to get down to 3.7% specifically.
        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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          He's either checked himself into an eating disorder clinic or has fainted right in the middle of a lift.... but being the little troll that he is, methinks he and his li'l pointed cap are hiding under a bridge.
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            I'd be breaking out the champagne and throwing a wild party at 7.3%...


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              i see a hospital visit in this dudes future. when you quibble over 10ths of a percentage of body fat and consider altoids slip ups, you really have to question your sanity. you obviously didn't read the primal blueprint book, as anyone suggesting the diet you have outlined and is A-foolish enough to write a book about it and B- good luck finding a publisher to publish it...would be setting themselves up for a tremendous lawsuit. good luck with that break from reality brother.


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                All your crazy rules and the fact that you're counting the .5 calories in a fucking altoid make me think you are dealing with some serious food issues, ED. Hope you get some help.