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High levels of phosphate

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  • High levels of phosphate

    Had some blood work back from my doctor and my phosphate levels were high. He decided he wasn't overly worried as I was active and healthy, and said it could be from something in my supplements. I don't think it is because the only supps I am taking are Vit E, Vit D, fish oil and greens. Am I right in thinking phosphate is the same or similiar to uric acid levels in the body because every time I have blood work done I have a high acidity level or phosphate level. I eat primally so I'm not sure what this means?[SIGPIC]

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    High levels of exercise can cause high phosphate levels in blood tests. Also, taking high levels of Vid D can cause blood to show high in phosphate levels. There are other things that can cause a high test result, but if your doctor isn't worried and you don't have any apparent symptoms of illness, I would just keep an eye on things and assume it's one of those two things.
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      Well I have been an avid exerciser but have tried to calm in down since going primal so I would assume it is that. I have only been taking the Vit D for a couple of weeks and have had this in my blood tests for way longer than this. So it must be the exercise then.[SIGPIC]