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Suddenly can't handle beef?

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  • Suddenly can't handle beef?

    I moved recently, and in that time I got a little lazy and ended up eating a lot of frozen fish and pork, meaning I didn't make steak/hamburger/pot roast for about a month.

    Now, when I do eat beef I get (warning: graphic) the runs pretty badly - even if I handle the meat well and cook it well done. I hope I don't have to quit it!

    Any idea what could be going on?

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    Have you ever had any gall bladder issues?
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      What type of beef are you eating? You may find some relief by eating grassfed beef. Just a thought.


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        While you were off beef, were you eating plenty of fat in the pork? If not, your lipase levels may take a little time to come back up (perhaps). The fact that you've been off the beef for a month before the problem arose wouldn't immediately make me think of an intolerance (usually this happens due to eating too much) but the immune system is a complex thing, so I guess it shouldn't be ruled out.
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