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  • Supplement-free?

    Ok, so when I started PB I began taking flax oil as a supplement instead of fish oil because I am allergic to fish. After reading Mark's post about how most people who have mild allergies to fish have no reactions to the oil, I decided to give it a go, and to my pleasant surprise I had no (perceptible) reactions. Lately, though, I got really lazy with taking the oil - I actually haven't taken it in weeks. But I feel "better." I can't explain it but it's as though my insides feel the same way my body does after yoga. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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    Yep, I've experienced the same thing. I have a fish allergy and have tried so many fish oil supplements, but I never feel well when taking them. So now I'm not taking anything and I need to figure it out. I have a slight allergy to flax too.


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      Yeah, I don't know what to do now either.... I've got a giant unopened bottle of fish oil capsules sitting in my cupboard... :-)


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        I bought some enteric coated ones hoping that would make a difference for me, but I still feel generally achy and unwell when taking them, so my hubby is finishing them off. I need to do more research. I have tried Chia seeds in my salads, etc. but don't like how the little things get up between my teeth so easily. If you discover something that works for you, please let me know, and vice versa.