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Butter - We praise butter and bacon here, but what about AGEs?

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  • Butter - We praise butter and bacon here, but what about AGEs?

    I searched the forums and didn't see anything, so please forgive me if this has already been addressed.

    I stumbled across this today as I read through Heart Scan Blog:

    I did not know this about butter and I must admit it shocked me quite a bit. Primal people are famous for their love of bacon and butter, but here we see that butter promotes metabolic havoc, decreased insulin sensitivity, inflammation and more.

    How can we praise butter so much when apparently it promotes everything we stand against? I use kerrygold butter like it's going out of style, so what research and I missing here that will show me why butter is not the bad guy?

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    Oh dear. I saw someone in the comments section say that he promotes soy. is this true?


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      @ SAQ, yes he does. He's anti-grain but not primal.

      @ Rivvin, there was a whole thread about this a while back. I think the upshot was a) there is no real evidence that the age's you consume are harmful and b) it's hard to eat enough butter for it to matter. I reeeeeeeeeeeally don't think it's the death food he makes it out to be. Really.


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        Right after Dr Davis put up that post, Chris Masterjohn did a post on butter and AGEs. He doesn't seem to think it's a concern if coming from your diet.



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          Ugh. This article is hugely flawed becaue he acts like exogenous and endogenous AGEs are the same.

          Edogenous AGEs - are made in your body when sugars attach to proteins and essentially cause them to become non-functional and aggregate in your tissues

          Exogenous AGEs - would be in foods and be ingested. There is NO WAY that a protein with sugars attached to it is getting across the intestinal wall. Proteins are broken down into amino acids before absorption from the gut. That would include removal of any attached sugars. If you are having unbroken proteins passing the intestinal barrier you have bigger problems to worry about.

          previous post on this article:


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            And this is why I love you guys, saving me and my butter <3


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              Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
              And this is why I love you guys, saving me and my butter <3
              I will defend butter (and you) to the death!


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                Riv, what type of bacon were you buying during your more cautious days? Did you switch? Same question with sausage and hotdogs. What I'm doing currently is buying whatever private label supermarkets are carrying. I'm not sure if they have Stop and Shop in FL but their private brand isn't too bad and seems to not have too many bad ingredients.

                I'm only sweating this stuff for whole30 but also because when I want something quick but that I know is tasty I tend to gather those three and throw some eggs on top... thanks dude. Anybody else can chime in, preferably if you're in NJ or the tri-state area.
                I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                  intestinal permeability would be increased with grains, so just don't eat toast with the kerrygold


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                    My only reason for eating mashed potatoes and toast was as a vehicle for butter. Now I use veggies.
                    Better makes it Better!!!!!!!