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  • intermittment fasting

    lol i have yet another question for the primals..i'm also interrested in can u combine IF with the primal lifestyle??? it seems like a dumb question but i'm asking it anyway.

    is there anybody out there who does this to acheve greater benefits??

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    All you have to do is skip a meal or two.
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      It has worked very well for me. I eat one meal a day or sometimes I "graze" half the day eating what would amount to one meal. I have dropped weight like crazy with no energy lost. I do my hour or so of walking a day. When I do eat, it is meat, veggies, occasionally almonds, boiled eggs, pretty much all primal.

      So in short, IF and when you do eat, keep it basic and primal.

      And it was not a dumb question
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        *looks around for Daemonized*
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          Yes. Very common here.


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            this is exactly my plan that is in effect for around 10 days or so. no energy problems, actually no negative effects whatsoever, only benefits. as for the weight loss, i believe it's about 3-4 pounds right now, but i drink a lot of water so i can't be sure.

            anyway, IF seems to be extremely beneficial and easy to do.


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              I have been doing it almost every day for the past year with no issues. I go 16 hours fasting and 8 hours eating with a 24 hour fast thrown in about every other week most times on accident. I have continued to lose inches while maintaining my weight. If I was a little more disciplined in my diet I would be able to shed more pounds but as it is I haven't been this size or weight since I was 15.
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                I ate voraciously when I started Primal - a big skillet of food in teh morning, bunch of protein at lunch, and a big dinner. The last week or so I've just not been hungry. Very easy to skip breakfast and then just eat a little for lunch. I guess I'm just adjusting to it. Like someone said elsewhere: learning the difference between mouth hungry and stomach hungry.
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                  I am a very big fan of the leangains approach to daily IF. I would recommend checking out and


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                    Originally posted by Daemonized View Post
                    I am a very big fan of the leangains approach to daily IF. I would recommend checking out and
                    exactly the two blogs that convinced me!

                    i've also read "Eat Stop Eat", which i definitely recommend, but you can find almost everything on those two excellent blogs!