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Having a terrible time getting off the Junk Food

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  • Having a terrible time getting off the Junk Food

    I am glucose intolerent (pre-diabetic) and really need to make a big change in my diet. Because I've been insulin resistant for so long, I have chronic low blood sugar. My body just keeps cranking out loads of insulin until some gets into my cells but then I'm left with too much and my blood sugar crashes. This happens starting with breakfast and going until dinner. When my blood sugar goes low, I'll eat anything in sight, especially carbs.

    I figure that getting on this plan would be the best thing for me. I may have to do it in stages. Like giving up sugar first for a week, then crackers and other junky carbs, then finally the grains.

    Does anyone have experience with blood sugar going too low or having really bad cravings for sugar and carbs? Any help or advice is appreciated.

    A little info. about me: I'm 43 years old, mom of 2. I need to lose about 30 lbs. I've been doing CrossFit about 2x/week since January and have lost about 10 lbs with just the exercise. Other exercise would just include walking/hiking/some biking. I eat pretty healthy other than the sugar. Whole grains, brown rice, whole grain pasta (all of which I realize I'll have to give up).

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    I think most people go through a tough adjustment period to wean off the drug that sugar is. I know I did. The key for me was removing the grains at the same time. There are too many grain-based foods that have sugar included. With both being a no-no, there were no grey areas where I could rationalize "well, it only has a little sugar...." and before I know it, I'd have eaten my bodyweight in sugar

    So I suggest giving up the sugar and the grains, focus on really really yummy primal food so that the other stuff quickly becomes bland and unappetizing (NEVER thought I'd feel that way about pasta, but I do!)

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      I would actually suggest giving up the grains first. It was much easier for me to cut my sugar intake after dropping all grains. In fact, I had very few sugar cravings this way. Replace the carbs from the grains with some good fats and you will have an easier time dropping the sugar.
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        I agree with Dragonfly. Unless you are consuming a ton of sugar, grains are probably wreaking as much or more havoc on your blood sugar that the sugar is. Now, if you are drinking soda and eating candy every day, you may need to cut both. As soon as I cut grains out of my diet, that horrible, "must eat something or I will die" feeling, with the sweating and shaking hands, went away.

        Eat meat and fat in place of grains and sugar to start with. I think you will find that your blood sugar will stabilize just from that.
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          Thank you all for your input. It's good to see other people have the results I want, especially the blood sugar stabilizing. I will try cutting out the grains and sugar tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

          Lizch, I like your statement at the bottom "skinniest I've ever been and least stressed about food". That would be so great.


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            When I atea grain rich diet, my blood sugar would plummet a couple of hours later. Now i can go an easy sicpxteen hours, daily.


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              I agree. Get off the grains. The only way to get a real understanding of what it feels like to get all the junk out is to get off them and stay off them long enough for your body to retune itself to a healthy appetite and healthy energy. What is hard to understand until you get past it for a few days is that craving junk, and I include grains in junk, is the biggest symptom that things are screwed up. You will LOVE not fighting those cravings. I always bought the party line that you just need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and resist those cravings harder. The question that should be asked is, what's wrong that I have these crazy cravings? Good luck. You are on the right path!


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                Get all that stuff out of the house if you can. Fill your pantry with healthy primal foods... that way if you do end up eating "everything in sight" it won't be that bad.

                Good luck!


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                  i agree, also, with going grain-free first. get your head/body around the basics of primal, and then move away from sugars.


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                    My sister has a problem similar to yours, and her issue is that when she tries to wean herself from the junk, she also doesn't eat for long periods (stressful job), and that's why her blood sugar crashes and she turns to a candy bar for 'recovery.'

                    So my advice would be to go primal as quickly as possible but NOT to do any fasting. In fact, I'd advise you to have primal foods readily available and snack frequently to keep your blood sugar stable. Once you're stabilized and off the junk, you can gradually increase the time between eating, but you may always need to eat more frequently than most people.


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                      Yes, get off the grains and eat plenty of fats and proteins. Don't eat any fruit at the moment either. Start your day with a big plate of eggs scrambled in butter or coconut oil, with some bacon or other meat. I'm a diabetic and find that if I start the day off this way my blood sugars are stable throughout the whole day.


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                        Well, things went badly for me this morning because I didn't have a plan. I ate breakfast before reading the rest of the thread and had a hunk of whole grain bread with my 1 egg. Well, what a mistake, I had terrible cravings for more junk (pasta, crackers).

                        I plan to shop today or tomorrow for some good PB foods. I can't get rid of all the other stuff because of my family. My husband leans much more toward vegetarianism than this way. So I will still need to cook potatoes, rice, and legumes for him. No one in the family needs to be eating the horrible junk like store bought cookies and candy or chips though, so somehow I'll have to be strong.

                        So what are some of your staples to always have on hand at home??


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                          I still make potatoes for my family and I will opt for the sweet potatoe when the urge hits me to want something like that. I keep the house stocked with fresh and frozen veggies and lots of meat, lots of eggs and usually a big brick of bacon. A couple cans of coconut milk, Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and butter. I do have some legumes lately but I consider that the 20% when I use them. We always have a bowl full of nuts sitting on the kitchen table, walnuts, pecans, hazlenuts. My boys could sit there and crack them open, they find that fun and then I have a big bowl of fruit always stocked with seasonal fruit, right now it is mainly apples and a few oranges, I have been drying some of the fruit for the kids, they think they are 'fruit snacks', who am I to argue with them if they are eating it.

                          We don't really snack much though if everyone is eating what I make, snacks are usually few and far between for all of us, but the kids have more snacks than I do on average. I also make sure I have some greek yogurt in the house and frozen berries for smoothies and such. I have been PB for 9 weeks now and now I am pregnant so I am trying to find another balance to eating primally, but it has been the best thing for our family and the moods have definitely changed in this house. Good luck and just go for it you really won't regret it.

                          I also wanted to add that I do have cheeses and milk in the house for the kids and well now for me, since I should up it a bit for the baby.
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                            Lots of different meats including already cooked so you have something to grab quickly if you get hungry. Just make sure it doesn't contain any hidden nasties such as sugar or MSG. Cheese is good if you can tolerate it. I like to keep sundried tomatoes, olives and artichokes in the fridge (all in olive oil) for snacks. Lots of green veggies, grass fed butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, eggs, fish nuts.


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                              Also stop thinking of "whole grains" as somehow healthy, or healthier than other grains. They're not. They actually contain more antinutrients. When you go to get a piece of bread imagine it's a bag of gummy worms, it might as well be to your body and your blood sugar.