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  • Cholesterol borderline high

    So should I worry about cholesterol being high?? Do you people just ignore it and I thought Mark had perfect numbers. The doctors at the VA are telling me that I should be on meds and switch to a low fat diet. I feel great lost 18lbs since last year and I am as strong as ever. Blood pressure is really good resting pulse in the 60's. I am 5"9" 200lbs 37year old male. I eat mostly meat, and lift very heavy and run sprints once a week. Any thoughts? The VA doctor has me all worried now.

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    Cholesterol HELPS you. Go look at my cholesterol primer (in my sig) for more help on that.
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      the only problem I am having is who do I believe?? The doctor has a medical school and all I have is a book and some internet research. I thought Mark had perfect numbers, and if so am I doing something wrong if I don't have perfect numbers?


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        What is borderline? My TC is 270 but my other numbers all passed the metabolic indicators of my insurance physical. I ignore it and enjoy being healthier then all the people with low cholesterol numbers.
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          I don't have the numbers handy, but it was in the borderline range. I am kind of mad because I feel great and this doctor got me upset and even has my wife second guessing the primal plan.


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            Originally posted by TonyE View Post
            I don't have the numbers handy, but it was in the borderline range. I am kind of mad because I feel great and this doctor got me upset and even has my wife second guessing the primal plan.
            Need all the numbers before we can give meaningful advice. What I can tell you FOR SURE is that statins are not beneficial to people under fifty who have not had a heart attack.


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              Cholesterol numbers are meaningless. They do not correlate with the incidence of CHD. Triglyceride levels, on the other hand, do correlate with CHD. How are your triglyceride levels?

              Ask your doctor how the recommended low fat diet would affect your risk for cancer. Even the original studies that were used to "prove" that a low fat diet was "healthful" showed that overall mortality was higher on a low fat diet than on the so called heart healthy diet. While it was true that less died people died of heart disease, it turned out that more died of cancer. This fact is conveniently glossed over by medical professionals.

              The original guru of the cholesterol and heart disease hypothesis was Ancel Keys who based his conclusions on epidemiological data from 6 countries. At the time he did this, epidemiological data was available for 23 countries. He cherry picked his data because the remaining 17 countries showed no association between cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease.

              Have a look at this article for an interesting perspective on how inaccurate most medical studies are.

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                My total Cholesterol was 251 now 214. Triglycerides was 152 now 51, HDL was 43 now 53, LDL was 173 now 146. lost weight since last year also.


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                  Those triglycerides are FANTASTIC. HDL is moving in the right direction, as is LDL (which is likely calculated anyway).

                  You can ask for the VAP test which measures LDL directly. That will also tell you the particle size, which is important.

                  I'd say you have nothing to worry about.


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                    "I'd say you have nothing to worry about."

                    With trigs like yours and a decent HDL -- and eating Primal -- I'd be willing to bet that your LDL is the large, fluffy not-dangerous kind. A VAP test would confirm that, but I think your profile is great.
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                      LDL is calculated, not measured (unless you get an NMR). The "normal" equation used is the Friedewald equation, but it's invalid when Triglycerides are under 100 or over 400. The Iranian equation is a better fit across the entire range of Triglyceride values.

                      Use the LDL calculator here -

                      Your old values yield a Friedewald LDL of 177, but an Iranian calculation of 214.

                      Your new values yield a Friedewald LDL of 131 (-26%), but an Iranian calculation of 120 (-44%)

                      You're lookin' good.