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surgery and being primal and pizza!

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  • surgery and being primal and pizza!

    So I had some surgery last week and I have had a few surgeries over the last couple of years but this was the first being primal. I actually dreaded the fact I had to eat a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread after the surgery before they sent me home, but hey these things happen.

    So the biggest thing I noticed this time around was for 5 days I couldn't get it together after the anasthetic. I have been dizzy, slurry speech and just feeling like I am constantly drunk. This has never happened to me before and I am putting it down to being primal, eating clean and suddenly my body going hey what is this stuff!

    Anyway just thought I would mention it. Didn't have any adverse effects from the sandwich, but last night after being primal for 3 months and hardly any cheats we had a pizza night with some friends. I thought, what the hell, I have been really good, this can be my 20%, well, all I can say is I have been suffering with my tummy ever since. I never actually had any issues with eating grains or bread prior to being primal, I mainly went primal for the overall health benefits AND to stay lean and toned and actually cut down my obsessive exercise, so it was interesting to see the effect the pizza has had on me. I have of course been primal today and I can't wait until this is out of my system as feeling pretty crappy. This just reinforces to me how special being primal is. I haven't lost any weight at all doing this, in fact scale has gone up a bit, but I do sleep better and headaches are gone, so will definatley be sticking to this, it really is quite easy to stick to!

    Anyway dizziness has finally stopped and I feel a bit back in the land of the living. Still taking pills but its only 5 days post op, and apart from last night eating has been spot on. I'm just sad I can't exercise for a while[SIGPIC]

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    Hope the surgery went well. (presumably, here you are, right?)

    Interesting experience with the pizza! More primal motivation eh?
    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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      Just wondering, how come you didn't just eat the sandwich without the bread?


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        well I was thinking about it, but she was breathing down my neck and I was very groggy, hadn't eaten all day and just wanted to get home. Call it my 20% although something more enjoyable would have been worth it.

        Yes surgery went well.[SIGPIC]


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          I don't know whether your reaction to the anesthetic was a result of being primal. It could be that a different type of anesthetic was used. I had two cataract surgeries 6 months apart, but in two different facilities (my opthamologist changed hospital affiliation). I had general anesthetic for both, but was very groggy and sleepy after the second one, but fine after the first. I didn't have any dietary changes before either of them, so I assumed it was the anesthesia for the second surgery that was different.

          It's possible that you have a slight sensitivity to gluten which is why you reacted to the pizza after being grain free for so long. Before I went primal, I was eating low carb but had some bran crackers daily (helped with regularity). Since I have Hashimoto's, I wanted to see whether those crackers were helping by just irritating my intestines, so I went grain free for a month. Then I had some delicious, warm bread at a local Indian restaurant--and violent cramps and diarrhea. Grains had not bothered me before because I ate so little and regularly. But after not having them for a while, my sensitivity was obvious. Could that have been why the pizza reacted with you?