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  • Kimchee/Seaweed

    I am new to all of this but I was wondering how Kimchee and/or Nori(Seaweed) fit into the plan, if at all?

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    I eat both of those regularly. IMO fermented foods are important. I make my own kimchi and it's fantastic. I use nori to wrap up scrambled eggs are avocado.


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      What's your kimchi recipe? I have made some but I wasn't completely satisfied with the results
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        For Kimchi, I recommend this recipe, with the obvious modifications: (less salt, no rice)

        The stuff from Whole Foods or any other white-people supermarket is a friggin joke, for reasons both of ingredients and price point.

        Personally, I prefer cucumber kimchi, the 2nd most popular kind given out free at Korean restaurants:

        Obviously if you live in an urban area, you should buy fresh kimchi from the Korean or Asian supermarket but make sure to check the ingredients as they sometimes will add weird stuff, including MSG.


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          Yes!!! Eat up! Yum!
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            And seaweed (especially kelp) is great source of dietary iodine, something often lacking in the contemporary diet (hence the addition of it to salt).
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