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America's on crack, part 2

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  • America's on crack, part 2

    Sugar, flavored with coffee

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    Thank God the sugared drink thing is something I gave up a long time ago. The real problem w/ Bucky's is that their baseline coffee is just not that good, it needs all of the crap to make it palatable. Or perhaps it NEEDS to be overly strong/bitter to stand up to the crap that gets added.
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      I go to Sbucks quite often because I have friends that work there that will give me my plain black coffee for free, and because there's no way in hell I'll ever fork over more than a dollar for coffee. I often see these milkshakes going out, and that protein drink they have is no better. However, the blog author pissed me off right away:

      "When I go to Starbucks I get a grande coffee misto with 1-pump of flavor shot.

      Does this look more like a coffee or a milkshake

      The flavor shot is approx 70 calories, and there is about 40-50 calories worth of milk, so overall my coffee is about 120 calories. That’s not bad and it’s a very satisfying morning creature comfort that I simply will no give up for any reason."

      Comments like that, whether facetious or not make me want to scream!!! Why are we so fucking dependent on shit like this? I know I'm taking this way too seriously but is your life so devoid of happiness that one cup of flavored coffee is indispensable?! There's literally NOTHING I couldn't live without food-wise -- talking strictly about things I don't really NEED to survive, of course I would never want to give up meat for instance, but I believe we need meet for health -- and I've made serious changes in the way I eat all in pursuit of better health and I'm HAPPY with my choices. I don't live in a constant state of "I really wish I could have that cupcake, but I must be strong!" that way of life must be such a drag. I'm literally sick of reading things like that. I'm not saying you all should live a sugar-free life, though it works for me I can see why it wouldn't work for others especially those used to things like that but the idea that it's just flat out impossible to live without these EXTRAS is infuriating to me. I do have some sweet things from time to time, but I enjoy them in moderation and I understand what I'm doing when I have them.

      Sorry if this hits close to home but, for god sakes, grow a damn pair. Maybe the blog author doesn't have this everyday, if that's the case I have no issues whatsoever with him enjoying a beverage from time to time, it's just the language that got to me.
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        Originally posted by iniQuity View Post
        Comments like that, whether facetious or not make me want to scream!!! Why are we so fucking dependent on shit like this? Sorry if this hits close to home but, for god sakes, grow a damn pair.
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          Being 99% sugar free, both 100% caffeine free and dairy free paleo I'm not really endorsing the author's 'moderate' consumption of sugar. But after seeing all the standard Thanksgiving recipes loaded with sugar (see previous post, America's on crack) and then this article, America's sugar habit is the elephant in the room.

          Fact - US largest health insurance company projects that 50% of Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020, not so long away; at estimated annual cost of $500 bil, 60% of which will be paid by USGov't, ie, the taxpayer in one way or the other.

          So us paleo folks are seen as the 'freaks' insisting on good quality meat, veggies, some fruit as everyday fare; desserts are usually special occasions or OK a few bites of dark chocolate. Yet if Google's Thanksgiving recipes and this coffee article are any indication, there are a whole lot of people out there downing sugar by the near bucketful; probably 100s of times more people doing that than anything close to paleo. All the while diabetes is becoming an epidemic. The connection is pretty obvious. And again, who will wind up paying for all that? People who are healthy, earning money and paying taxes, that's who.

          I wonder if we will ever (10 years? 15, 25?) get to the point that sugar has labels and taxes like tobacco does now. Sure it is a stretch, but it could happen if there was public backlash against sugar like there was against tobacco. Hey, if it ever comes to the point that 50% of population has diabetes and some of the nasty effects (like losing a foot) are more common, then it could happen.


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            Some of those starbucks drinks have upwards of 600 calories, almost all from sugar, the equivalent of like 4 eggs cooked in butter. A 100 calorie drink IS relatively mild. I like their listing of the calories in a standard cup of coffee - "5". And their coffee sucks, it's true.
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              It is amazing how many people on this forum get off on the smell of their own shit. lol


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                "In an odd way, it's rather pleasant." --George Carlin
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