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    Hi Everybody,

    I have seen other forums on gallstones and am still a little confused. I switched to primal from a pretty low fat diet and I am confused by the fat/no fat recommendations. I know eating fat causes your gallbladder to "turn on" to help your body digest fats. I don't want to take medications or have them surgically removed so I am trying to get better naturally, unless my body tells me I need more help.

    There seems to be a fine line between eating fat and not eating fat for getting rid of gallstones. From what I have read it seems like you can "slowly" introduce fat, but I guess I just don't have a good gauge of what "slowly" means.

    I guess I am just looking for some specific advice on how to primally and safely get rid of these gallstones.



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    I read that if you have small gallstones, Lithotripsy might help - they use a sonic shock to break them up. Not sure about natural remedies, there's a site called gallstoneattack that recommends stuff. I was too wary to try anything without other's input and then ended up having mandatory surgery in mid Oct for severe pain.

    Having my gallstones/gallbladder removed actually helped lead me to the Primal Blueprint. I'm not much help with the curing part of the gallstones - but I can tell you that after surgery - when they tell you to eat low fat foods - it's bullshit (at least in my case). My surgery was on Oct 17th, started primal by the 25th and I've been eating close to 150g of fat a day since Oct 30th. No problems with bile dumping or diarrhea caused by too much fat. No problems whatsoever except a few surgery scars.

    HOWEVER, when I did eat a high fat meal (including some grains/sugar) with gallstones, it would leave me in severe pain for hours. So it worked out well in my case - I hope everything will work itself out on your end as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    gallstones suck hardcore.
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