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How I lost 47 pounds before I found the Primal Blueprint

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  • How I lost 47 pounds before I found the Primal Blueprint

    This is a rather long post, but there may be something in here that will help someone else.

    At 45 years old I was 6'4" tall, 243 lbs, and 28% body fat. Almost two years later I weigh 196lbs and have 15% body fat. My exercise routine during this time consisted of walking 5-7 miles per week, and lifting weights for about 30 minutes twice per week.

    Recently I've been trying to add calories (good fat) to my diet because I'd like to slow down the weight loss and increase my lean body mass. Believe me I haven't had to add calories to my diet since I was 15!

    I achieved all this weight loss before discovering the Primal Blueprint. I stumbled upon Mark's Daily Apple when searching the internet for ways to efficiently eat a daily green salad.

    Some of the book descriptions below were grabbed from the internet and some of the comments are my own. The bullet points below the descriptions are what I did to modify my diet.

    My approach was to make one small change at a time. Once I became habituated to that change, I made another. This is what my diet looks like now;

    Wednesdays - 36hr water only fast
    Vinegar-Honey-Water Drink twice a day
    eating a banana, apple, and orange every day
    eating mixed nuts everyday
    Breakfast - Smoothie (kefir, protein powder, coconut oil, flax, fruit) or Homemade Granola. On weekends a veggie omelet
    Lunch - Green Salad (feta, two type greens, soy nuts, dried tomato, dried cranberries, 3-5 other vegatables in constant rotation)
    Dinner - veggies 5/6 of the plate, meat 1/6 of the plate, sprouted grain bread
    Hard boiled eggs at any of these meals when I don't feel full
    Homemade dehydrated crackers whenever I want
    Kashi granola bars and cookies when I need a snack
    decaf coffee and tea and sparkling water

    This is what I read that led me to this diet;

    Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Polous (eBook)
    Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. The body wants nutrients. Eating low nutrient-value foods does not meet the body’s needs so it generates hunger to fulfill those needs. Muscle requires more calories to support. Slow repetitions prevent injury. Workout time can be quite brief. Fruits and nuts are good for you.
    1. Eliminated all High Fructose Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
    2. Started eating a banana, apple, and orange every day
    3. Started eating nuts with dried fruit once every day
    4. Trying to eat just vegetables for lunch twice per week

    Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit by Kathy Freston
    Cleanse focuses on eating plant-based foods while eliminating sugar, gluten-containing products, alcohol, caffeine and animal products. A bit of a vegetarian manifesto but it exposed me to the extremely unhealthy and inhumane practices being used in large-scale meat production.
    1. Eliminated all caffeine and all diet soda.
    2. Focused on reducing meat consumption by eating PPJ weekdays when not eating just vegetables

    The Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg (50th Edition)
    Fasting is not a weight loss method but is a restorative process for the body. When the body's resources are not devoted to processing food they are allowed to focus on repair and removal of toxins. Fasting promotes better appetite control by removing the stigma of not eating. He espoused the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar with the mother.
    1. Began fasting one day per week. Water only. 36 hour from supper one day until breakfast the day after. Started in June of 2010
    2. I was surprised to find no hunger involved with not eating for 36 hours.

    Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health by D.C. Jarvis (1958)
    Country doctor who documented the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar with the mother. He performed a number of rather meticulous experiments with both humans and farm animals demonstrating the restorative powers of vinegar. He claimed it restored the slightly acidic balance to the body (urine) which prevented/cured disease. He re-popularized the use of honey and apple cider vinegar in modern times." Modern science has begun to revisit some of his claims about vinegar, particularly with respect to diabetes, weight loss and insulin resistance. A number of studies since have confirmed vinegar positive impact on glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and appetite management. Also discussed native Vermonters eating tree leaves and recommended a green salad daily.
    Dr Jarvis describes how he was able, by rigorous urine sample testing, to find patterns in the acid alkaline balance of the body as a response to illness. He did this by following 24 subjects for 2 years using urinalysis as a diagnostic tool. Each subject tested their urine pH first thing in the morning and then before the evening meal and all results were kept in a daily log along with the food eaten for each of the three meals. Dr Jarvis observed that his subjects acid alkaline balance shifted to alkaline when they were in the early stages of illness even before they were aware of any symptoms. For example when a cold was developing, when a sinus attack was approaching and when allergies or asthma was about to act up. By drinking apple cider vinegar to fight the onset of these illnesses he observed that his subjects' urine would rapidly return to its normal acid pH range. He found that simply restoring the pH balance of the urine to the acidic region enabled the subjects to bypass illnesses or to at least get better faster. he also recommended the regular use of apple cider vinegar to help combat such chronic conditions as high blood pressure , arthritis and overweight.
    1. Began drinking 1 glass of water morning and evening with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with the mother and 1 teaspoon of raw unfiltered honey.
    2. Began eating a green salad daily.
    3. He also discussed the mineral content of soil critical to nutritional values of produce

    Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease by Joel Furman
    This book is primarily concerned with medical fasting not intermittent fasting. Promotes a vegetarian lifestyle using the China Study as support for this. The books provides multiple examples of the healing power of the fast.
    1. Focused on reducing meat consumption by not eating meat until after 5pm

    The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness by Jordan Rubin
    At 19 years old, Jordan Rubin was a healthy 6'1" and 180 pounds. Shockingly, his weight fell to just 104 lbs. in a matter of months. His immune system was at an all-time low, as he suffered from Crohn's disease, food allergies, anemia, fibromyalgia, intestinal parasites, and a host of other conditions. After seeing over 70 health professionals, using both conventional and alternative medicines, Rubin was sent home in a wheelchair to die. But his story didn't end there. Instead, he educated himself on natural health and applied its principles. Now, ten years later, Rubin is fully recovered and he desires to share the keys to his own good health.
    1. Difference between good oils and bad oils , benefits of coconut oil
    2. Soil mineral content critical to nutritional values of produce
    3. Contamination of commercial food production
    4. Benefits of grass fed, free range animal products and organic produce
    5. Made kefir part of my standard diet

    Spontaneous Healing : How to Discover and Embrace Your Body's Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal Itself by Andrew Weil
    It is clear that all organisms have highly developed mechanisms for self-repair and healing -- but according to Dr. Weil, Western medicine often interferes instead of working with these systems. In the course of his argument, he describes several extraordinary case studies of drastic spontaneous healing. Perhaps the most valuable feature of the book is his more gradual eight-week program of strengthening the ability of your immune, endocrine, circulatory, and nervous systems to provide such spontaneous healing.
    1. reinforced my belief in the bodies ability to heal itself

    In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan

    Examining the question of what to eat from the perspective of health, this book cuts straight to the chase with a maxim that is deceptively simple: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. But as Pollan explains, food in a country that is driven by a thirty-two billion-dollar marketing machine is both a loaded term and, in its purest sense, a holy grail. The first section of his three-part essay refutes the authority of the diet bullies, pointing up the confluence of interests among manufacturers of processed foods, marketers and nutritional scientists—a cabal whose nutritional advice has given rise to a notably unhealthy preoccupation with nutrition and diet and the idea of eating healthily. The second portion vivisects the Western diet, questioning, among other sacred cows, the idea that dietary fat leads to chronic illness.
    1. this is a brilliant book.
    2. Undoubtedly if you are only going to read one book on nutrition this is it.
    3. We've completely lost touch with what food is. There is almost no food available in the supermarket.
    4. The government nutritional recommendations will kill you. Follow food advertising and you'll die faster.

    Absolutely Abeba’s Krazy Kracker Recipes by Abeba (The Krazy Kracker Lady) Wright

    Recipes for raw food crackers and chips made in a food dehydrator. Being a lifelong devotee of crackers and chips I needed to find a healthy and satisfying substitute without hydrogenated vegetable oil. There are alternatives available at the supermarket but they are loaded with fat and are pretty empty calories. These recipes are so nutritionally dense that you can’t eat many before feeling full. Most have generous amounts of flax seed so they have good fat.
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    cool. Your diet has obviously evolved little by little, and you have kept really close track.

    What changes have you made since reading Mark's Daily Apple or The Primal Blueprint?


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      I had cut my meat consumption by about 70%. I was looking at eliminating meat until I read the Primal Blueprint. The forum pointed me to some evidence refuting the "China Study". I also have added back alot of eggs after reading Mark's book. I'm very interested in PBF and the eBook program and I'm starting to work with that.
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        Wow, you're a diet collector Glad it's worked so well for you!

        Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
        Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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          One really big thing I left out. I've had psoriasis my entire life. I was hospitalized once due to infections caused from scratching. I had several bouts with infected lymph glands because of infections caused by scratching. I've had tar treatments, cortisone injections, gamma rays, and used hydrocortizone cream my whole life. My doctor told me there is no cure all I could hope for is to keep it in check. He was wrong!

          The psoriasis is COMPLETELY gone. I don't mean its better, I mean its COMPLETELY gone. I personally believe it was the elimination of hydrogenated vegetable oil.

          The elimination of this incurable disease made me a complete believer in the critical impact of what we eat on our bodies.

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            That's great about the meat. I did notice that meat was a little low and you still eat grains, but it's so great the way you have evolved your eating and have determined what works for you.

            I really wish that I had some good information on China study myself. I have read that it's pretty bad (I think they fed rats casein as the "protein"), but I really need to take a look at it myself to know for sure.

            Originally posted by Junior View Post
            The psoriasis is COMPLETELY gone. I don't mean its better, I mean its COMPLETELY gone. I personally believe it was the elimination of hydrogenated vegetable oil.
            Wow! I wish I could tell my dad and that he would adjust accordingly. His psoriasis is really bad, and they currently have him on methotrexate just to keep it under control.


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              If I were going to do one thing to help your Dad I would say eliminate the hydrogenated vegetable oil. However, I would say it was the single hardest change I made to my diet. I read somewhere that 40% of everything in a supermarket has hydrogenated vegetable oil in it. That means the average person has to make a radical diet change. You have to read every label. Almost all processed food has to be eliminated.

              I'm also convinced there is a significant psychological component to psoriasis. The skin is a mirror of the inner emotions. I think these inner emotions take the form of repressed emotional trauma. There are many ways to improve these feelings.

              The mind can not be separated from the condition of the body. There is an excellent audio book, "The Mind/Body Code" by Mario Martinez that deals with this in layman's terms and gives some very effective meditation exercises.
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