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  • Upper Abdominal Pain - Advice & Thoughts


    I could really use your thoughts and expertise. For the past week and a half (give or take), I have had relatively persistent upper abdominal pain. It fluccuates from almost non-existent to nearly doubling me over. I'm leaning towards believing that I have the onset (or a full-blown) ulcer, but as I've never had one before I'm not certain. Where I'm at on my diet is that I started transitioning the beginning of October to more of a Primal diet. Before the end of October, I had just about eliminated all starchy carbs and grains. Is there any chance that I haven't given myself enough time to segue into the Primal diet, and I've messed something up? My protein intake has increased substantially since mid-October, and I'm just wondering if my system has had a hard time dealing with it.

    Thanks for any and all thoughts you bring forth.

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    Is it right/left/centered? Might be gall bladder, if you previously ate low fat and the need for bile to assist in fat digestion has changed.

    That's a possibility - not a diagnosis.


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      Hey muffler dragon -

      Unfortunately it can be pretty hard to diagnose abdominal pain such as you're describing, simply because there are so many things it could be.

      I went through a similar issue back in July -- about 5-6 months into eating primally -- and it lasted for a few weeks. At first it was only after a good sized meal, but it progressed to the point where anything other than a small snack would result in pain. The pain would start shortly after eating, and persist a variable length of time, sometimes up to a couple hours. Usually it was upper/upper-left abdominal pain, but sometimes it was a bit lower. Sometimes the discomfort was mild, usually it was moderate, and occasionally it was pretty intense. Once or twice I vomited.

      Long story short, I had to wait a while to get an appointment with a gastroenterologist, and a couple weeks before my appointment I started feeling better spontaneously. I never did find out what was going wrong.

      Lately there have been a handful of times where I felt that familiar discomfort returning (albeit mildly, thankfully). The interesting thing is that this time around it always seems to be after I eat eggs. I used to have at least 3 scrambled eggs with breakfast each morning, without fail. After my n=6 sample wherein I got a little queasy after eating eggs, I've cut back drastically. It seems like I can handle 1-2 eggs every few days, but more than that is a problem.

      Anyway, I encourage you to "eat gingerly" for a while, and pay very close attention to whether particular types/quantities of food seem to trigger the symptoms more than others. Meanwhile, see about scheduling an appointment with a gastroenterologist who can hopefully help with the diagnosis.


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        Thank you Big L. I appreciate the insight. I'll definitely keep what you've said in mind, and see how it goes. Not much I can do over the Thanksgiving weekend.


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          2nd the suggestion to consider gall bladder as a possible source for pain.

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            I was having enough persistent upper right quadrant pain this past summer that I finally had a ultrasound to look for stones (negative). Anyway, for the first week or two of PB the pain continued, but I haven't had so much as a twinge of pain since then.

            I agree with all suggestions to check out your gall bladder.....just in case there is a stone blocking bile flow.
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              As a doctor and a Primal eater for three months now, I too was puzzled by my mid-central abdominal pain, dull, constant, not crampy, sometimes centred around the belly button, symptoms NOT compatible with constipation, cramps, irritable bowel, gall bladder attack, gas, bowel obstruction or anything more serious. The only remaining diagnosis that I thought of BUT have NOT confirmed is pancreatitis pain. As a hospital doctor I see a lot of severe pancreatitis in patients who require hospitalization. If that is what it is, I had a very mild case, almost went to ER, but after a couple of naproxen, it went away. I haven't been able to explain it, but it always goes away after a couple of naproxen or a couple of hours, not related to anything specific nor to a specific time, except maybe later in the day and sometimes several hours after eating! The only explanation I have is that it is probably the heat in my belly from all that "delicious" fat burning off my belly! The food I eat is marvelously healthy, nothing in excess, so I am not changing anything, and just hope it goes away, as I have episodes of pain right now almost every day for a couple of hours. It is really nothing serious enough to stop me from exercising or eating properly, except very temporarily when it is as its peak. I have never had belly troubles at all, had a cast iron gut, so I expect this will resolve.


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                renato, had the same symptoms for 2 months. CT scan was negative and it gradually went away as I continued to eat Primally. 2 months later, IBS symptoms started which have been continuing for a month. Did your symptoms go away for good?


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                  Good to get checked out

                  Originally posted by drheather View Post
                  renato, had the same symptoms for 2 months. CT scan was negative and it gradually went away as I continued to eat Primally. 2 months later, IBS symptoms started which have been continuing for a month. Did your symptoms go away for good?
                  My mother, who lives in the same city, was hospitalized last week with C. Difficile, a superbug that gives one profuse diarrhea. She's better now. I was pain free for about 5 days, have not had diarrhea at all, but today got some pains again, bloating, stiff abdomen, no diarrhea, no vomiting, just pain and bloating with very little desire to eat. So, I drink liquids, nibble if I am hungry and it goes away. Still a mystery, hard to believe it is also C Difficile if I don't have diarrhea, unless it is coming!? Will keep you posted.


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                    I know as Groks we should be drinking pine needle tea, seeing our shaman or carving the pain out with flint, but if the pain is that bad go see a doctor.
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