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  • ideas for primal emergency food aid

    I am working on a project developing a ready to use product to be used as part of global hunger relief/ emergency food aid. The current products in use are a paste that is peanut based, with milk powder, sugar, and some vit/min, or a dry mix of wheat/ soy/ corn/ milk powder to be blended with water. Additionally, cheapest available bulk wheat, corn, rice, soy, vegetable oil, and sugar are shipped, and milk powder supply has been reduced as cost has increased.

    Major aid organizations (Doctors Without Borders, and Medicins Sans Frontieres) are calling for inclusion of animal fat in these products, in place of the vegetable fats.

    Given the data on the issues with grains, sugar, milk, and vegetable oils, I've been wondering what a Grok- style biochemist/ food scientist might come up with as alternatives? Parameters for such food aid include being stable at room temperature for up to two years, cost of course, and the paste formulation being soft enough for weak sucking ability (used in the more extreme malnutrition cases) and providing most of the macro and micro nutrients on a daily basis for both adults and children, and transportability.

    Although the project has several ideas in development, I am sure there are some among MDA readers that will have useful thoughts to contribute. If anyone is involved in this area already, I'd be pleased to contact him or her, as well, for 'on the ground' experiences and opinions. Our project's intent is to formulate a product that will provide sufficient nutritional support for the person to heal and actually thrive, rather than merely survive, as with the current food aid offerings.

    Thank you for your thoughts and consideration!

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    I'm afraid I'm really just posting to bump this so someone wiser will find it. I think your project is superb, and if it needs funding you should tell every paleo blogger out there.

    Can you get something useful by starting with pemmican? I know it's not a soft paste, of course, but as a starting point...?


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        Definitely Pemmican fits the bill and the texture can probably be manipulated by adding more fat, if necessary. Several online sources listed on Wiki already sell pemmican--could be a great starting place.

        I read that properly made Pemmican can be stored for decades--wow!
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          Hilary, thanks for your vote of interest!

          Re: pemmican. I agree it is a terrific base, but I don't think it could be practical from a cost perspective. I know whole foods are the ideal. So far, it appears some sort of vegetable protein concentrate, perhaps from an oilseed, might work, if antinutrients such as polyphenols, phytates, etc. are removed. There have been many studies in this area over the last 40 years or so, but nothing is yet happening outside of laboratories. The US is all about soy, which we would not not want to use. If such a protein were used, it would need to be combined with a substantial amount of fat, and the fat would need to be stablized, and have a healthful profile.

          Anyone up for a good puzzle?
          Many technicalities involved here, which is why I've posted my query to this knowledgeable forum!


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            Wow - you need really knowledgeable people. You could try sending a pm to (Also, have you talked to Robb Wolf?)


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              lard? dried fruits and vegetables? whole powdered milk? Acorns? just kicking stuff out here for ideas. tallow or duck fat where pork is a problem? can you get Canada to come off of some hemp seeds? sounds like a very worthwhile cause. Wish I had more to contribute.


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                Desiccated liver powder?


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                  tinned sardines/herring and V8 juice....You could thrive on these two items for months...

                  I can purchase a litre of vegetable juice and a 100g tin of herring for $1 each at walmart.
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                    What a great project!!!
                    But on a global scale, animal fats are gonna be tough. People of many different religions do not eat pork; so lard would be problematic. Hindus don't eat beef, either. Hmmmmmm.... hope you can figure something out.


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                      Coconut and all of it's many forms?
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                        Yes, I was thinking coconut, too--coconut oil and whey powder?
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                          [QUOTE=tracy v.;273545]Hilary, thanks for your vote of interest!

                          The US is all about soy, which we would not not want to use. If such a protein were used, it would need to be combined with a substantial amount of fat, and the fat would need to be stablized, and have a healthful profile.


                          Depends what you mean by healthful profile?
                          PB believes saturated fat to be healthful, but most of the world doesn't.

                          Pemmican, coconut. Protein from animal sources. Just my 2p worth.


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                            think duck fat is extremely stable and long's often used to preserve actual pieces of duck meat..

                            although VERY interesting topic - I have no chemical or biological nounce what-so-ever..

                            As the Dragons would say - "I'm Out" (but will watch topic with interest and VERY pleased to hear the Aid workers themselves standing up for animal fats! - maybe we can heal the world...)

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                              Sorry for the delay in response.... and your collective ideas are good, your interest and enthusiasm even better! Thank you!

                              As for the inclusion of saturated fat, especially animal fat, we believe the receptivity of the aid organizations may be greater now than it has been historically, with the published comments about its desirability for improving content in emergency ready to use food products. The cultural biases against pork or beef consumption, additionally, raise questions about whether it is the hungry person's preference of what to eat, or the officials in charge of purchasing.... big questions, certainly!

                              The inclusion of animal protein at this point seems most challenging, when the forecast is a rise in the number of hungry persons is set today at 1.5 billion, globally! The numbers of animals to produce such protein living in CAFO conditions would be just as grim. I agree the topic and facts are very sobering.

                              We are so fortunate to be able to select from such a wide array of foodstuffs in our own lives. With enough creative thinking, and numbers of us behind more healthful choices, it is possible to extend the right to safe, nourishing food around the globe.

                              At this point, we are needing to consult with some experts in the fields of food chemistry, biochemistry, and process engineering as we are finetuning our formulations and methods. If any of you reading this care to participate in our project to improve nutrition for the very much less fortunate, we would appreciate any referrals to such an expert.... or maybe you are one yourself! To be able to get some relatively quick questions answered, or to receive feedback about our understanding, would be terrific.

                              Thank you