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heating fish and PUFAs

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  • heating fish and PUFAs

    Fish is recommended because of its high omega 3 content but as food containing PUFAs should never ever be exposed to intense cooking/frying (I received the advice here not to bake with almond flour because of íts amount of PUFA, seems plausible to me) I am asking myself if it is dangerous to heat fish due to the fact that PUFAs oxidise? I do not enjoy rae fish apart from rare occasions at good Japanese restaurants. Is it harmful to eat cooked/fried/grilled fish?

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    My guess at this is that since fish is cooked at 70C the majority of the fish is never going to get super-hot. And with your primal-fed iron constitution, a bit of oxidized PUFA isn't going to kill you.
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      i bake salmon at 275 because of this. Also don't enjoy rare