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Lewis & Clark Expedition was Primal

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  • Lewis & Clark Expedition was Primal

    I don't know what made me think of this just now, but I remember watching Ken Burns series on the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and being shocked at how much meat they all ate every day (I was vegan at the time)!

    According to William Clark: "It requires 4 deer, or an elk and a deer, or one buffalo to supply us for 24 hours."

    Now THAT'S primal!
    Vegan from 1993 until Oct 16, 2010. "D'oh!!"

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    Well, it makes sense. When in the wilderness, one must hunt & gather........


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      A bit off topic, but Sacajawea is one of my heroes, and you can't discuss Lewis and Clark without discussing her. She saved their asses on multiple occasions, and it was only as a result of her quick thinking and action that we have the written accounts whatsoever. She did everything Lewis and Clark did....with a newborn infant on her back. In fact, the expedition's launch was delayed a bit to allow her to recover after having just given birth. What a powerful, wonderful woman!

      In this neck of the woods, everything is named after Lewis and Clark (I live in Clark County), as Vancouver, Wash. is where they wintered over, on the banks of the Columbia River. Sacajawea had a say in choosing the location.
      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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        They were impressed by the appearance of many Native Americans they encountered according to their descriptions. Coincidence that these were people had primal lives.


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          one of my favorite topics! Think i'm gonna have to reread my book on the subject. It's not very scholarly, but has lots of excerpts from the expeditioners's diaries. Those guys were tuff! Well, except for Sac's useless French husband. I think he was there mostly only so he could help Sacajawea translate from various Indian languages to English.


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            LOL, Catherine! Yeah, Sacajawea's French-Canadian trapper husband was pretty worthless. She was sold to him at 13 or 14.

            I just checked the dates: She had her baby (her first) in mid-February. By April, they were on the road. Blows my mind.
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates