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  • herbal coffee?

    I have recently been looking into Teeccino, the herbal coffee. It claims to be caffeine free and less acidic than coffee. Any thoughts on if this is primal or not? It is roasted like coffee, but one of the ingredients is barley. Would the extracts from the grain produce problems?

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    I've never heard of it. It took a while to find the ingredients

    It does have chicory, which is good - I was going to suggest that anyway.
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      How serious are you about eschewing grains?

      Barley is a grain.

      No condemnation here since I take coffee once in a while.

      Sometimes I go for a coffee substitute made from garbanzos, a nasty legume. Don't hate me for that either.

      Chicory is always good and easy to find in the wild. Bitter taste to get used to if you don't mix something with it.
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        I exercise early in the am in a fasted state and only have some coffee to get me ready to go. In order to cut down on the acids hitting my empty stomach, I began cold brewing my coffee, which is said to significantly cut down on acids and caffeine.

        I can post how I go about it if anyone is interested.


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          I have some in the cupboard for a treat for the kids. It's gluten free and tasty.


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            Originally posted by Setabas View Post
            I exercise early in the am in a fasted state and only have some coffee to get me ready to go. In order to cut down on the acids hitting my empty stomach, I began cold brewing my coffee, which is said to significantly cut down on acids and caffeine.

            I can post how I go about it if anyone is interested.
            I also cold-brew. Excellent! You can make hot or cold coffee in a snap. Plus it's way less acidic. I also believe it removes some of the caffeine, but I'm not sure how much.


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              ShannonPA-S - Do you have regular brewed coffee as well or do you just stick with the cold brewed version?

              Sometimes when I have eaten breakfast I'm ready for a slightly harsher hot brewed version.


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                I would love to know how you cold brew?? Ive ment to look into it but forgot about it after we bought a nespresso machine!


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                  How to Cold Brew Coffee

                  If you're an espresso fan (as I am), cold-brewed coffee is not a replacement. For me it's just a pre-workout drink that I enjoy, it gets me going and sits well on an empty stomach.

                  Here's how I make it:
                  • Scoop 4 ounces (weight) of ground coffee into a pitcher large enough to hold 32 or so ounces.
                  • Pour in 4 ounces (liquid measurement) of pure water into the coffee and stir until it mixes in and looks like wet mud. Do not put more water than that, just keep stirring until it finally mixes.
                  • Pour in 16 ounces of water.
                  • Let sit for 24 hours away from the heat of the stove (etc.). It isn't kept cold, but it shouldn't be subject to heat.
                  • The next day, pour the mix through a strainer into another container (similar to the other one). I have a metal seive that works well. After it's dripping has come to a stop (5 minutes or so), push down with a spoon to squeeze the most out of it.
                  • Let it sit in the second container for a while so that particles can settle. Clean the first container.
                  • Slowly pour the mix from container 2 back to container 1 being careful to leave any sediment.
                  • Then pour into a water bottle, or something and refrigerate. I use a 16 ounce Gatorade bottle.
                  • When you're ready to drink, put in 1 part of this coffee and 3 parts of water. Heat in microwave, etc. and enjoy.

                  This method actually makes a coffee concentrate which lasts a couple of weeks if refrigerated. Also, you can play with the ratio of water to coffee when you're ready to drink. I find that 3-1 (as mentioned above) is my favorite, but others might like it stronger or weaker.

                  Sometimes I mix it with cold water and ice for a quick iced coffee.


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                    There is a new herbal coffee alternative called Ayurvedic Roast which I've personally liked better than Teecino or Pero. It actually tastes like coffee, and is all organic.

                    They put in some ayurvedic herbs into it which are supposed to help keep you relaxed and focused and improve immunity too.

                    It is here if you want to check it out:


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                      I've had Teeccino and its okay, a little expensive and it's made from grains. When I want a non-caffeine drink that's more intense than herbal tea I brew a combination of roasted chicory root and roasted dandelion root. I can buy them bulk at my local health food store for a good price. The concoction is pretty strong so it stands up well to heavy cream, which is the way I like to drink it.

                      What's in Ayurvedic Roast? I just looked it up and couldn't tell what it's made of.
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                        Teecino is okay in taste, I like their tee-bags best. I'd rather have Crio Bru though! Crio Brü and Crio Beans are Rich in Antioxidants, Minerals and Natural Energy - Healthy Chocolate for Healthy Living
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                          The qualities of these herbs were stated by the Indians of Japan and North America to relieve pain as well as improve movement, digestive function and mental focus. These same herbs in addition to the anti-oxidant qualities of java, enhance the entertainment of java while providing a powerful boost to the defense system.


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                            What herbs? Teecino?

                            Anyway, I just wanted to toss in that I for one do not like Crio Bru. I think it smells nastily sweet and somewhat cloying in the am and I don't like really the taste either. I tossed half a huge bag because I got sick of it. Be smarter than me and try the small size first. (I very much prefer hot chocolate made from baking cocoa, no sugar to the Bru, btw, so not opposed to cocoa per se).


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                              You coulda reached out to one of your crio loving primal siblings here to see if anyone wanted the bag, dude :P
                              what an unfortunate waste
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                              TROPICAL TRADITIONS REFERRAL # 7625207
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