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Calling all primal parents! Kids and breakfast

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  • Calling all primal parents! Kids and breakfast

    I've seen a bunch of threads recently about breakfast, but my problem isn't with MY breakfast, it's with my kids'.

    Every day I get "what's for breakfast?" My answer is thus: Eggs, bacon, sausage, yogurt and fruit, coconut flour or almond flour pancakes/waffles etc.

    They hate it. "I'm sick of eggs" "I don't want eggs anymore" "I hate those pancakes/waffles, they are GROSS!!!" And that's just a sampling from today ;-)

    I'm usually not into letting kids force the issue with food. Either you eat what I put in front of you, or you go in the kitchen and prep something acceptable for yourself. But with breakfast, I'm a bit less sure of that stance as I'm not usually the one making breakfast, they are typically expected to get it on their own.

    I have made primal cheesecakes before, and they love that (dessert for breakfast!!) and also quiche but I don't want to make either one twice a week and they get sick of that after three days in a row, too (besides, I am not keen on the whole dairy thing - at least not as much as is in cheesecake LOL.)

    So, what do I do? Nuts and fruit isn't going to cut it, they both hate nuts... I've tried multiple recipes for the pancakes/waffles and they aren't liking them. I've tried making them smoothies and they aren't fans.

    I feel for them, I do... they miss their cereal or toaster waffles, but I really don't want to let them have that every day

    What do you primal parents do for breakfast??? Does anyone else have kids who are so resistant to primal breakfast foods? They are so good about the rest of it (lunch, snacks and dinner) and I really am all about picking battles. Is this one I should just give in on?

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    First of all, continue to enforce the fact that they should be eating good food. Because of what I was fed when young, I hate soda, candy, and anything sweet. (well that cheesecake does look nice...) Now to your question.

    Do your kids really not want bacon? Or how about finding some cool primal reciples? Or use my (originally dad's) great method of egg making. Here it is.

    crack two eggs, mix
    slice up a lot of cheese
    put about 2 tbsp butter in stainless steel pan

    stir with spatula while cooking over low heat
    when the eggs are "dry," they're ready

    While I know coconut oil would be better blah blah and cheese and butter are dairy so some people think it isn't primal, this is good enough for kids.


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      Would a pre-made pumpkin and coconut milk custard or "pie" appeal to them? Or maybe baked acorn/spaghetti/butternut squash/sweet potato topped with coconut milk and cinnamon?

      Cold chicken cut into strips and served with homemade mayo or another sauce?

      Egg muffins are a fun, portable way to serve eggs.

      Personally, I'd stick to my guns on this one. Breakfast sweets/grains are such an addiction for so many adults...why set them up to deal with that their whole lives?
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        How about salads?
        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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          One thing you haven't mentioned is how old are your kids, and what's their level of physical activity. If they're very active, then more carbs may be okay. But regardless, it's never easy, and a lot of education, explanation, and experimentation is needed with those little ones.


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            How stuck are they on the "breakfast food" idea? Would the novelty of having non-breakfast foods help or hurt your case? (I think I know kids that would be on either side of that.)
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              My kids love sausage and eggs and bacon and eggs, how bout an egg pizza here is a blogger from MDA she did a great egg pizza
              and then check out some of these other blogs for some good breakfast ideas for the kidlets.

              These are just a few, I am just delving into the blogging myself and of course run across others doing primal/paleo and a lot of them are from MDA
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                Hit them little suckers with left overs. I loved left overs as a kid, but then again I grew up in a country that doesn't eat cereal.
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                  I am agreeing here with the 'don't serve them breakfast food' metality. If they are fine with primal eating at lunch and dinner, then feed them lunch and dinner food at breakfast.

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                    Yeah, I OD'ed my kids on eggs too. Scrambled eggs especially, they used to love them and won't touch them now. I got them eating fried eggs with runny yolks for a while but one would one only eat the whites and the other would only eat the yolks, LOL. That just didn't work for me, I felt like I was malnourishing one.
                    Now they're eating sausage and fruit/berries some mornings, and oatmeal with heavy cream other mornings. Today I didn't feel like making anything so I gave them both chicken soup. They didn't complain. I also agree that serving non-breakfast foods some mornings is totally fine as long as their nutrition stays varied enough. My kids are only toddlers though so they don't know the difference enough to complain so that helps!


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                      Without knowing your kids' ages, I suggest you plan breakfast out for most of the week. Quiche, yogurt with fruit, an egg scramble, regular bacon and eggs, steak and fruit salad... I try to make sure that any "mixed" breakfast dish is loaded with all sorts of veggies. Once a week, my kids get oatmeal which I'm not going to freak out over quite yet, since its down from oatmeal everyday. DH makes eggs and breakfast meat on the days I don't plan out breakfast, which annoys me for a variety of reasons, so I try to have something premade and ready to serve or obviously prepped.

                      Also, if they are old enough to hold a spoon they are old enough to help you cook breakfast. They might be more willing to eat what they help prepare.


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                        here is my son's typical morning. he's two and very active.

                        1. wake up and have breastmilk (this is when he's still half asleep. if he wakes straight up, he goes to the toilet and starts his day without breast milk);

                        2. goes to get his father who makes him his "starter" while he cooks breakfast. his starter is typically frozen berries and raw yogurt.

                        3. we then make breakfast which is either eggs and veggies OR eggs and veggies with bacon. we are currently having bacon about 3 times a week with breakfast.

                        4. then we have tea.

                        we usually have left overs with our lunch, and then a fresh dinner.


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                          We go for 2 different smoothies during the week and cooked breakfast at weekends. The smoothies are:

                          1) Chocolate and avocado: 1 can coconut milk, 1 avocado, 2 tbsps coconut oil, 1 banana, 1 heaped tsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp vanilla essence

                          2) Raspberry: 2 cups frozen rasps thawed and pushed through sieve, 2/3 cup blanched almonds, 2/3 cup macadamias, 2 tbsps macadamia oil, 1 banana (berries can be swapped around)

                          We usually put great dollops of the stuff on a couple tbsps rice puffs.
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                            My kids are 10.5 and 7.5. And if you read my post, you'd see that THEY make their own breakfast.

                            I guess what I'm asking for is some alternative to eggs *in any form* as they are smart enough to know that quiche, egg muffins, omelettes, frittata's etc. are ALL EGGS and they are sick to death of them. They like bacon and sausage well enough, but every freaking day for months has gotten VERY old for them. I can't blame them. I can't stand breakfast, and just as often I IF through it, but I think they are a bit young to do that.

                            Dinner for breakfast doesn't fly with them... especially since I am big on using leftovers for lunches/dinners during the week, and I think asking them to eat the same food four or five times in a row is a bit much.

                            I'll poke around those links and see what I can come up with. It was WAY easier when they were toddlers. Unfortunately, until this past summer, I was under the influence of CW so, whole grain toast and peanut butter was an acceptable breakfast, as was whole grain waffles or pancakes with berries, as was oatmeal as was ALL sorts of grain-based stuff that is now highly discouraged. It's hard for them to understand why that stuff was fine for years and now, not so much


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                              I understand your predicament--I'd scour some blogs for good recipes and keep experimenting until you find what your kids enjoy. I know it can be tiring trying a bajillion pancake/waffle recipes, but maybe you'll find one they like. Right now, I'm particularly fond of beating two eggs with a mushed banana and cocoa powder or dark chocolate chips in the skillet.

                              Also, have you tried the No-atmeal recipe from this site? My husband don't love nuts either, but if you grind them up into a fine meal they're not noticable as nuts and he enjoys it.

                              Also, I just saw this recipe for "pop tarts" and it looks pretty good. Maybe it'll swing with the kids? This women has a LOT of creative recipes, you might find some inspiration!