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  • US Wellness beef lard

    Hey all,
    I ordered beef lard from US Wellness, and I'm not entirely happy with it. It's grainy, rather than nice and smooth like my butter (their butter is fantastic, btw.), or my coconut oil.
    Just wondering if I got a sub-par batch, and others don't have this problem, or if everyone feels this way. If mine is just unfortunate, I'll order it again (very useful to have). If they're all like that...well, I can just cook with coconut oil all the time, plus my home-rendered bacon fat.
    Is it because I froze it before using it?

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    Completely normal- much like Ghee it's a bit grainy in a solid state.
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      Oh. That's unfortunate. I like my fats to be smooooooooooth.
      Oh, well. Thank you.


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        I'll admit that it's been a while, but I don't remember my ghee being grainy. One possibility is that the grain is similar to crystal formation -- the more slowly the cool, the larger the crystals. Try melting it down and then immediately putting it in the fridge or freezer. A bowl of ice water will be even quicker, since water is a much better heat transfer medium. Just make sure the fat is in the jar and the jar closed!


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          I ordered a 5gallon bucket from US Wellness and it seems on par with terms of smoothness to my coconut oil. The thing was shipped mid summer in the TX heat, so it arrived completely liquid. Once, it had some time to sit in the AC pantry it solidified, so not sure if this has something to do with it being smooth. Also, about halfway through the bucket it seems to be smoother than the top portion.


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            Um, lard is from pork. Beef fat is "tallow."

            And the corollary to cracklings is "greaves" in beef.

            But leaving semantics aside, tallow is like lard in look and consistency. But why buy it?

            I get free fat trimmings from the Publix meat counter, or Whole Foods. (I love doing that, something FREE and non-vegan from WF!) Cut into small pieces and figure out some way of oven cooking them with what kitcheny things you have. Keep the heat low, 200 degrees is fine. Takes an hour or two until the greaves are crisp. Pour off the tallow into a jar, running it through a fine mesh strainer.

            Tallow is THE best frying fat there is, even better than lard. If there is any flavor at all, it is steak-ish. It has a bit more saturated fat even than lard, so it's the most stable fat one can use.

            One reason McDonald's fries were notoriously delicious until the food Nazi's freaked out is that they were fried in tallow.


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              i have a 5tub bucket of us wellness beef fat except theres only about 1/2lb left....must be good haha
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                I am having a hard time with figuring out how to buy lard and even tried to find it on US Wellness Meats website. I don't want to make it. Can someone steer me in the right direction? Thank you.


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                  On the US Wellness site it is called beef tallow, I believe. I use it and love it.