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  • Feeling ravenous

    Is it normal to feel ridiculously hungry when I'm eating a ton? I've been too forgetful to keep track of how much I'm eating in regards to fat/protein/carbs, but I ate a ton of food today (lots of beef, dried coconut/coconut milk, raw cheddar, some egg, way too much almond butter (gonna try to quit eating nuts for a while), swiss chard, and maybe too many carbs - I had a giant apple and lots of carrots today) and I'm still hungry, but I'm hesitant to eat more because I'll be sleeping in a few hours.

    I know that not counting calories is generally espoused here, but seeing as I'm female, 5'2", 106 lbs and my exercise is limited to 2 mile walks every other day or so plus household chores, I think it's pretty easy to overdo it. I know it's probably kind of hard to give me an answer when I haven't tracked anything lately, but I'm really nervous about eating too much due to previous problems with binge-eating/vomiting. (Perhaps a bit tmi, sorry.)

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    Hi, I go through this every now and then for a day at a time, and I posted about it a few weeks ago and it seems like a lot of people had the same issues. The good advice I took away was to eat when you're hungry, and to try to get a wide variety of foods in case your body is looking for one specific nutrient.

    That being said, I can't eat very many carrots and still feel good. I get sugar/carb cravings when I eat a lot of carrots. But I'm diabetic, and more sensitive to carbs than most people, so that might not be the case for you.
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      Good to know I'm not the only one, I'm just hoping this doesn't last more than a few days, because I feel like eating a whole cow, haha.

      The one good thing is that I've actually been having less of a desire for sugar/carbs - I just ate the apple because they're very good ones that my mom got at a farmers' market, and I thought it'd be a shame to let it go to waste. It's so good to be able to open the freezer and not give the pints of Ben & Jerry's a second glance. (I didn't buy them, of course.)


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        Where are you in your cycle? It's totally common for women to feel ravenous for a day or a couple of days when their period is approaching. In fact, I think I'm feeling that right now. And sometimes people just have hungry days.

        What you've eaten sounds a little random, like you've been nibbling at this and that, rather than having organized meals . . . could that be part of the problem too? I am often hungry, but sometimes think it's related to not eating enough at meals -- it seems like enough at the time, but I get hungry later. I'm a smaller female too, for what it's worth.


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          I'm not sure, actually - I've had some weird period issues lately, i.e. it lasts 2-3 days instead of my usual five. The only things I can think of that would affect it are how I've been eating differently and that I lost a few lbs.

          That sounds like a very good explanation, as I was grabbing whatever was convenient to keep my hunger at bay while I waited for my meat to finish cooking. Just thought it was strange because I ate a rather large organized meal and felt full, but then just 2 hours later my stomach was begging for food.


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            I agree with PrairieProf about the monthly cycle. For me (and a lot of women), it's ovulation time, midcycle. When I'm ovulating, I cannot get enough food in me. All I want to do is eat and f***. Once my period actually starts, I have very little appetite and hardly eat at all during those first heavy flow days.
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              Are you eating enough veggies? Chard and carrots and apples isn't much plant food.


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                I have an answer to any hunger problems, blood sugar problems, behavior problems in children, etc.- beef fat. Eat a nice fatty piece of beef and you will be nice and full.


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                  Originally posted by Melody View Post
                  Are you eating enough veggies? Chard and carrots and apples isn't much plant food.
                  It felt like a massive amount of carrots haha, but that's a good point. I'll try to eat plenty of non-carrot vegetables today and see if that helps.