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Anyone have a BodyBug?

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  • Anyone have a BodyBug?

    I would love some reviews.

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    I don't have a Bodybugg, but I did have a GoWear Fit - similar device using the exact same technology as the Bodybugg.

    I loved it. It was a great eye opener. I was someone who continually under estimated how many calories I burned in a day - with and without exercise. It also gave me a better appreciation for just being more active during the day as opposed to being sedentary and then spending an hour or more exercising in that NEAT far surpasses exercise. Seeing the numbers really made me rethink my dietary and exercise approaches.

    I tracked what I ate using and the calorie output I got from the GWF for maintenance, bulking and fat loss. For me, the calorie burn the GWF gave was 100% spot on. Others have noted a 10-15% difference, however, the website for the device does advertise that the results might be less accurate for those carrying a lot of fat.


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      I have the GoWear fit right now. I love using it. I can log my meals, it gives charts on where my calories are coming from (very similar to fitday), reports from a set date to another set date. It shows how much sleep I get, how long I lay down without sleeping. It shows how much activity I get per day, what hours I do the activity, how many steps I take, etc. I am sure you can get a lot of this without wearing something on your arm all day, but I don't have to log how long I walked, what activity it was, etc. I received mine as a gift and frankly I am a little obsessive, it definitely keeps my eye on the goal, but if I had to buy something I probably would have gone with the fitbit. Very similar, doesn't measure body heat though so calories burned may not be as accurate, but you don't pay a monthly fee with the fitbit. Hope this helps/


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        Looks like the Go Wear is a little more expensive than the BodyBug. I will have to compare the features.


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          Have the BodyMedia, I think this is the rename of the Go Wear Fit. Good deal gotten through costco. It's the same piece of equipment as the BodyBugg. Only diff is the software, they are not compatible. I will second that I found the all day increase in calories burned from moving slow to be eye opening. And the amount of calories burned during exercise to be depressing for me (108 lb female) My 250 lb husband burns a ton of calories with a run...


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            sounds contagious ...


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              I misread the title and was intreagued as to why you needed a body bag Betty
              If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

              Originally posted by tfarny
              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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                Originally posted by Misabi View Post
                I misread the title and was intreagued as to why you needed a body bag Betty

                After the drive home from dinner with my husband I might need one of those too.